[VIDEO] How Elite Speed Skating Athletes Are Using Wireless Ultrasound in Training for the Winter Games

Earlier this year, Dr. Craig Kenneth Vincent, DPM, who specializes in treating elite athletes, invited us to a training session with speed skating athletes and coaches in the EU. Dr. Vincent demonstrated how to use Clarius to examine athletes before, during and after their workouts.

Watch our interview with Dr. Vincent during the event. We also had the opportunity to interview the coaches/sports scientists about their impressions of Clarius. Here’s what they had to say.

Harold Gartner, Sports Scientist and University Lecturer, commented on the subject of sports medicine and rehabilitation and gave his impression of Clarius HD wireless ultrasound.

As a sports scientist, I don’t usually work with ultrasound but I was interested in how Dr. Vincent uses handheld ultrasound in the field with athletes,” says Harold. “I wanted to see it in action. What I saw today with Clarius is really fantastic for the people that work on the field, because what we did today was a real data study.”

Harold was able to observe the anatomy of an athlete at rest before a workout and then after to see changes. He was excited about the implications for everyday training.

You can really see structures changing during the session. You can understand if the training parameters, such as volume or intensity, are right for the athlete, or if you need to adjust those parameters. This is important information for the head coach, or the person who is in charge of taking care of the athlete.”

Harold Gartner’s Four Recommendations for Using Handheld Ultrasound During Sports Training.

  1. Rehabilitation of an injured athlete – When the athlete returns to practice, perform a before and after exam to monitor structural response to the training. Make adjustments to prevent re-injury.
  2. Prevention of overuse injuries – Monitor athletes over the course of two weeks to see if the volume of training is detrimental to physical structures.
  3. Measure the impact of practice and competition – Examine athletes in the field to see changes before and after exertion.
  4. Early warning of potential injury – Athletic trainers can learn to see a problem as it develops and refer the athlete to an expert for timely diagnosis.

See Clarius in Action

During the session, Dr. Vincent recorded educational videos using the Clarius L15 for Clarius Classroom. Watch how Dr. Kenneth Vincent walks us through a knee ultrasound of a former world champion speed skater and current world champion in-line skater. He establishes what is “normal” for this athlete before beginning his training regime.

Handheld Ultrasound for MSK Clinicians

Ideal for MSK anatomy down to 7 cm, the Clarius L15 HD high-frequency ultrasound scanner is available with an optional Advanced MSK Package for diagnostic and interventional procedures.

Clarius offers four ultrasound scanners that are suitable for MSK applications. Learn more about which Clarius Handheld Ultrasound scanner is right for your practice. Or contact us today to request an ultrasound demo.

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