[VIDEO] Is Clarius HD the Best Handheld Ultrasound for Sports Medicine?

Dr. Kenneth Craig Vincent, DPM, has been a big fan of the Clarius handheld ultrasound system since he started using the Clarius L15 HD in 2019. He uses ultrasound to see how muscles are activating and joints and structures are moving to determine a course of treatment for athletes and then to monitor results.

Clarius is a great fit for sports medicine,” he asserts. “The versatility, the image quality is for me second to none, the real-time interactive ability for the clinician, the athlete, the coaches and team in real life is invaluable.”

Dr. Vincent responds without hesitation when asked about comparing Clarius to other portable ultrasound systems for sports medicine.

I have used other handheld portable devices. However, they are not totally wireless. They have some form of cable attachment to a tablet or to a smartphone. Whereas the Clarius is totally wireless and works with an Android phone, an Apple phone or a tablet. You don’t have to deal with the clutter of wire connections.”

We recently caught up with Dr. Vincent with a camera crew during a session with Winter Games skating athletes in the EU. Watch our video interview to hear more of what he had to say. Or read our Q&A below.

Why do you use the Clarius Handheld Ultrasound system for your sports medicine practice?

I use Clarius for real-time imaging on my patients in my clinic and on the field. The biggest advantage of using a Clarius is the image quality, the weight, the image processing time on the platform, as well as the battery life and the affordability. I also like the various options such as power doppler and needle enhance. The software presets are very helpful. It’s easy to select the elbow, knee or ankle for the initial settings, which I can then adjust if necessary. »

What are the key advantages of using a handheld ultrasound system for sports medicine?

I find doing procedures with Clarius simple. It’s straightforward to set up. It’s easily transportable. It’s lightweight. It doesn’t take up too much space in the office. I can’t speak enough about its versatility, transportability and availability at any time. I just pick it out of a bag or my pocket. I can conduct real-time scans. And it’s great when you’re doing sports because it’s different. The muscles, the joints are warmed up. You get to assess physiology as well as pathology in real time.

Infection control is also important and it’s easy to disinfect Clarius, which is an added advantage. And another thing is the flexibility of being able to position the tablet according to the position of the anatomy I’m examining. »

Would you advise someone who is starting a sports medicine practice to purchase an ultrasound system?

Anyone starting a new practice would be able to easily afford Clarius because of the price point and it’s not going to burden them with the stresses of having to recover large capitals.

By performing the ultrasound exam, instead of referring, clinicians can establish a better relationship with the patient. When you have a device like Clarius, it shows that you’re interested in what you do. It shows that you’re investing in health, your professional self, as well as your patients.

Clarius allows me to confirm what I am suspecting or seeing in my everyday assessment routine. However, the greatest form of confidence is because I’m able to then interact with my patients so clearly that they can share the clinical experience with me. »

How did COVID-19 impact your business?

COVID-19 has impacted everybody, and certainly, we saw a significant downtrend in terms of patient load. Clarius certainly helped us in coping with COVID-19 because it shortened the requirement or reduced the requirement to go to a different facility for scanning needs. A patient was confident that if they came to see us and required sonographic imaging, they could get it in-house. »

See Clarius in Action

During the session, Dr. Vincent recorded educational videos using the Clarius L15 for Clarius Classroom. In this video, Dr. Kenneth Vincent uses ultrasound to assess the knee of a European Masters athlete. He describes the importance of distinguishing between pathology and adaptive changes often seen at this level of athlete.

Handheld Ultrasound Designed for MSK Clinicians

Getting detailed ultrasound images of musculoskeletal anatomy to make a confident diagnosis has never been easier. Ideal for MSK anatomy down to 7 cm, the Clarius L15 HD high-frequency ultrasound scanner is available with an optional Advanced MSK Package for diagnostic and interventional procedures.

Clarius offers several ultrasound scanners that are suitable for MSK applications. Learn more about which Clarius Handheld Ultrasound scanner is right for your practice. Or contact us today to request an ultrasound demo.

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