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Elena Mikhaylova, CEO at Crowdfund Productions and Writer for the Huffington Post recently featured Clarius Mobile Health in her article: Making Health Care Affordable. The article explored a number of promising medical tech innovations that are likely to have a large impact on healthcare, including Clarius Ultrasound Scanners. Following is an excerpt:

Recent reports have identified a huge issue of medical mistakes in patient care. Many physicians and paramedics have to make decisions fast, without having sufficient information and equipment.

Clarius, a team of healthcare innovators from Canada, is working on solving this problem by equipping medical professionals with a handheld wireless ultrasound scanner that uses your Android or iOS device as a display.

Clarius weighs approximately 1lb, does not require a WiFi network, and costs a fraction of a traditional ultrasound device. These features make it affordable and easy to use for physicians who are not sonographers, thus greatly expanding ultrasound use and potentially improving the quality of care through more accurate diagnoses. The use cases include emergency medicine, critical care, labor and delivery, obstetrics, sports medicine; it’s also useful to guide procedures by anesthesiologists and pain management specialists. The Clarius team believes that their device will also deliver high quality health care to rural communities and people in developing countries.

Read the full article here.

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