[VIDEO] Innovation Spotlight: How is Artificial Imaging Used with Clarius Handheld Ultrasound?

Clarius Artificial Imaging (AI) is a collection of machine learning algorithms that improves the user experience in the Clarius Ultrasound App. AI is integrated at the core of the Clarius App and constantly works behind the scenes.

With the release of the 3rd generation Clarius ultrasound, we’ve supercharged our research and development efforts. We’re breaking new ground with AI every day and we’re working with organizations like the U.S. FDA to bring new levels of innovation to medical professionals worldwide.

To see how AI and machine learning are enhancing image quality and automating image acquisition, we invite you to watch a brief video clip featuring Nishant Uniyal, our Director of Data Science, which we recorded at this year’s Innovation Spotlight Event. Or read about some recent innovations below.

Clarius Needle Enhance

With Clarius Needle Enhance, we sped up frame rates, which are now up to 30 frames per second. Our design relies on proprietary in-house technology, combining machine learning with multiple ultrasound images scanned at different angles. As a result, we now see increased sensitivity and crisper needle imaging.

When using the Needle Enhance feature in other app-based solutions, clinicians have to manually enter the needle angle. Whereas with Clarius, our advanced machine learning capabilities auto-detect the angle for more rapid and automated visualization.

High-definition ultrasound imaging of soft tissue and Needle Enhance are making it easier to perform procedures like thyroid aspiration and breast biopsies with high accuracy.

Auto Preset™ AI Automatically Recognizes Anatomy

Clarius was the first to develop AI and machine learning to deliver a commercially available ultrasound system that recognizes anatomy on a macro level. This allows the system to recognize different structures in the most critical part of the human anatomy.

Like the automatic mode on a modern camera that magically changes the imaging mode based on the subject, Clarius HD3 detects anatomy and auto-selects the right preset for an instant window into the body. We used tens of thousands of ultrasound images within our vast database to train a machine learning model to achieve this exciting breakthrough, which helps clinicians get the answers they need more rapidly.

In emergency situations, speed is critical, which is why Auto Preset™ AI is particularly helpful for practitioners in EMS and EMED. Watch the video for a demonstration of Auto Preset™ AI by emergency physician, Dr. Oron Frenkel.

Book a Demonstration of the New Clarius HD3

Clinicians across the medical spectrum can choose from ten wireless ultrasound scanners that are operated by the Clarius Ultrasound App. To learn how easy and affordable it is to add Clarius HD3 to your practice, book a virtual demo to see Clarius high-definition wireless ultrasound in action!

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Propulsé par l’IA avec des préréglages spécialisés et des flux de travail personnalisables, Clarius HD3 optimise automatiquement l’imagerie pour offrir une expérience d’échographie supérieure. Avec 7 scanners, nous avons une solution d’échographie sans fil parfaite pour vous. Réservez une démonstration virtuelle avec nos experts pour savoir quel scanner peut fournir la meilleure imagerie échographique pour votre cabinet.