[VIDEO] Innovation Spotlight: HIPAA-Compliant Ultrasound Exam Management Now Faster with Clarius Cloud

With the introduction of the Clarius HD3 scanners this year, our R&D team also took the opportunity to upgrade the back-end of Clarius Cloud exam management, which is core to our ultrasound ecosystem.

While the Clarius Ultrasound App is HIPAA-compliant and de-identified images can be saved locally to smart devices or uploaded to DICOM, most clinician in private practice use Clarius Cloud to save and manage patient exams. They rely on Clarius Cloud to manage images for billing, reimbursements, education, reporting, and for tracking patient progress.

I never stop and measure anything while imaging because I rely on Clarius Cloud,” says Greg Fritz, PT, DPT, RMS, a Clarius Cloud power user who is a big fan. “I image everything in a 30-second cineloop. And then I use Clarius Cloud to annotate images and create reports. I can email or send reports and images directly from Clarius Cloud. No other ultrasound company’s exam management software gets close to the way Clarius Cloud works.”

During our recent Innovation Spotlight, Jeff Schoenfeld, Vice President of Operations at Clarius showed us why so many of our users rely on Clarius Cloud to manage their images. Watch this 2-minute video clip for a quick overview or read below for some more detail.

About Clarius Cloud

While you’re performing an ultrasound exam, the images and encrypted patient information are initially stored on your smart device where space is limited. When you end your exam, you have the option to save to the Clarius Cloud. The ultrasound data is automatically uploaded using encrypted HTTPS as soon as an Internet connection is available.

Your Clarius Cloud account is accessible anytime, anywhere, from any computer or any smart device. It’s easy to manage your patient exams, add notations, and to customize your PDF reports for billings and consultations.

When you need a second opinion, you can also share a de-identified exam with a colleague by email while maintaining patient confidentiality.

In the past year, our R&D team has made the Clarius Cloud experience faster and highly scalable for our growing number of users, which today is more than 50,000. Available with your Membership, Clarius Cloud can be used to store unlimited exams.

About the New Clarius 3rd Generation HD Scanners          

Clinicians across the medical spectrum can choose from ten wireless ultrasound scanners that are operated by the Clarius Ultrasound App. Compatible with most iOS and Android smart devices, it’s available for download on the App Store and Google Play store. To learn how easy and affordable it is to add Clarius HD3 to your practice, book a virtual demo to see Clarius high-definition wireless ultrasound in action!

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