[VIDEO] Innovation Corner: Using Clarius Handheld Ultrasound for an Instant Window into Maternal and Fetal Health

Ultrasound has been readily used for monitoring pregnancy for decades. Historically, it was performed primarily by radiologists and sonographers. But with the rapid development of more portable ultrasound systems, point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) is becoming a routine extension of prenatal care. It’s providing immediate answers to what could be life-threatening situations for the baby and mother.

The Clarius C3 HD3 wireless ultrasound scanner has become a popular choice for obstetricians shopping for a shared or personal ultrasound machine when they need it. It provides superior image quality up to 40 cm and it can be carried easily from room to room in a busy obstetrical setting to streamline patient flow.

The Clarius handheld ultrasound really has simplified the ability to use the scanner. I find that I’m using it more often because it seamlessly fits in as an extension of the physical exam,” says Dr. Ulrike DeHaeck, one of seven specialists in obstetrics and gynecology practicing at the Vancouver OB/GYN clinic.

See the Clarius C3 HD3 Wireless Ultrasound Scanner in Action

We recently held an Innovation Spotlight to showcase our new third-generation Clarius wireless ultrasound scanners for a variety of applications, including obstetrics. We invite you to watch this five-minute video clip to see a 3rd trimester exam. Expert sonographer, Shelley Guenther, uses the Clarius C3 to confirm fetal and placental position and assess overall fetal well-being by checking the amniotic fluid and measuring fetal heart rate. You’ll also hear from Dr. Dehaeck about her experience with Clarius in her clinic.

Advanced Software for OB/GYN Exams

For more advanced obstetrical scanning, Clarius now offers a package that includes automated measurements to report on gestational age, growth tables, and DICOM connectivity. The Advanced OB Package is included with your membership.

Update 05/2023: Advanced Packages are no longer available as a One-Time Purchase option.

Clarius HD3 for OB/GYN

Why wait for access to a bulky ultrasound system when you can carry high-definition wireless ultrasound in your pocket? Affordable and app-based, Clarius can streamline your OB/GYN exams from five weeks to delivery for a variety of applications. Learn more about Clarius for OB/GYN.

Clarius offers two ultrasound scanners that are suitable for obstetrics and gynecology. Learn more about which one is right for your practice. Or contact us today to request a virtual ultrasound demo.

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