[VIDEO] New Voice-Assisted Ultrasound is « Revolutionary » for Precise Aesthetic Injections

With new AI-powered Voice Controls, which is exclusive to Clarius wireless handheld ultrasound scanners, clinicians never need to put down their scanner mid-procedure or to ask an assistant to adjust their ultrasound image. To maintain a sterile field, adjust their imaging, and capture a video during a procedure, some clinicians performing ultrasound-guided injections have relied on an assistant to control their ultrasound system. Now, they can simply use their voice.

Dr. MJ Rowland-Warmann, a dentist and aesthetic injector based in the United Kingdom, was one of the first Clarius users to test the new Voice Controls while performing ultrasound-guided injections with her Clarius L20 HD3 scanner.  

Being able to have my hands in control of the patient and what I’m doing procedure wise is just revolutionary. It is a remarkable new feature, and it is certainly something that going forward, I could not be without,” she says. “It’s so good. It doesn’t even need a British to American translator. When we had visions in the 80s about what the future was going to be like, we thought it was all going to be about hover cars, but it’s actually all about Clarius Voice Controls!”

Watch this 90-second video to see voice controls in action and to learn more about how Dr. MJ uses Clarius Voice Control in her practice. 

Voice Controls is currently available in English to all Clarius members using any Clarius HD3 wireless ultrasound scanner with the latest 10.3 release of the Clarius Ultrasound App for iOS and Android. Users standing within a meter of the smart device use voice commands to adjust gain and depth, add color mode, freeze images, and capture images and videos. Clarius Voice Controls also work seamlessly with wireless headsets. 

Visit our aesthetics page to learn why Clarius handheld ultrasound is the leading choice for aesthetics practitioners to clearly visualize facial and superficial anatomy in real-time. Or request a virtual ultrasound demo today to learn how high-definition ultrasound imaging with voice controls can improve safety and deliver consistent patient outcomes in your aesthetic practice! 

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