[VIDEO] What Three ER Physicians Say About the New Clarius PAL Dual-Array Ultrasound Scanner

There’s no need to convince Dr. Tom Cook, Dr. Oron Frenkel and Dr. Brian Johnson about the merits of using ultrasound in the emergency room. They are each strong advocates and devote time to removing barriers to broader ultrasound use in their communities. 

That’s why we were excited to get their feedback on using the new Clarius PAL dual-array wireless ultrasound scanner in their emergency medicine practices.  

Watch this 2-minute video to see what they had to say. Or read below for highlights. 

Dr. Brian Johnson sums up why Clarius PAL was useful during his shift: 

It’s super portable, it’s super small, small footprint. It’s wireless, it sits on your phone, sits in my pocket, I can pull it out and then I can switch between a linear and a phased or a probe with just the type of a button and the images are pretty good. It saves me a bunch of time. I don’t have to use a cart-based system. I can just use what I have.” 

Dr. Tom Cook thinks Clarius PAL is an “incredible breakthrough”  

You can probably do 95 to 99% of all the ultrasound scanning, whatever imaging, doing with this single device. And you can do it in something that is an extraordinarily reasonable cost. If you compare the cost of this device to a cart-based system, you’re talking a factor of 10 to 15, maybe even 20, depending on the type of system you’re using. So, it’s very, very inexpensive.” 

Clarius PAL Helps Dr. Oron Frenkel be “A Jack of all Trades” in the ER 

I could go from seeing a patient with chest pain who I need to scan their heart and lungs to then putting in an IV where I need a linear scanner quickly, or maybe even on the same patient I need to put in a difficult IV, so I’m scanning them, diagnostics, then doing procedures where I can switch to the linear probe. Then my next patient might have a musculoskeletal condition. I need to switch to the linear array, then back to abdominal scanning on the next patient in a patient who has abdominal pain or pelvic pain, look at a fetus, gallbladder, and I just go back and forth from patient to patient, and it’s capable of scanning all of those.” 

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Get Unsurpassed Versatility with the New Clarius PAL Dual-Array Wireless Ultrasound Scanner for Whole-Body Imaging 

With an innovative wireless dual-array design that combines a phased and linear array on a single head, the new Clarius PAL HD3 delivers unsurpassed versatility, superior image quality, and streamlined workflows for whole-body imaging. Simply click a button to switch between presets for a seamless transition between deep and shallow lung, cardiac, and vascular imaging. 

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