[VIDEO] Why Clarius Ultrasound Wins Against Traditional Ultrasound Systems for Anesthesia

It wouldn’t be easy to convince Dr. Souhail Jaziri to go back to using a traditional cart-based ultrasound system. For the critical care anesthesiologist who sees 40 to 60 emergency cases per day, portability, and easy disinfection are key reasons he started using Clarius handheld ultrasound a few years ago. Now he uses the third-generation Clarius L20 HD3, the Clarius L15 HD3, and the Clarius C3 HD3 at his practice in Paris, France. 

Using handheld ultrasound for me is very important because it permits me to have mobility,” he says. “We can use it everywhere. It’s wireless so there are no cables to disturb us. We can put it directly into sterilization fluid and it’s cleaned in five minutes or less.” 

Dr. Jaziri began using ultrasound guidance for local anesthesia in 2007 when the advantages over stimulation became obvious.  

With stimulation, you don’t know how close we are to the nerve but with ultrasound we know exactly where we are. It permits us to use a smaller dose of anesthetic, which is safer and less toxic for the patient. It’s also less painful.” 

According to Dr. Jaziri, choosing a handheld ultrasound scanner with excellent image quality was important for his practice. 

The image quality of the Clarius scanner is the same as a big, classic echograph,” he says. “I use three specialty scanners so I can select the right one for each procedure. For the hand, I use the L20 because we need to see the real little details, little arteries, nerves and veins. For the lower limbs, I use the L15. You can’t do this with an all-in-one probe because you don’t see the details.” 

Watch this 4-minute video to hear more about Dr. Jaziri’s experience with Clarius ultrasound.  

Learn Dr. Jaziri’s Best Practices for Ultrasound-Guided Local Anesthesia for Hand Surgery 

Watch this free one-hour webinar with Dr. Souhail Jaziri on-demand. He’ll share his expert techniques for performing his WALANT (Wide Awake Local Anesthesia No Tourniquet) procedure, which provides optimal local pain relief and successful outcomes for patients undergoing hand surgery. Learn more about the webinar. 

Ultra-Portable Wireless Ultrasound for Regional Anesthesia 

Are you wasting time hunting for a bulky ultrasound system to perform a nerve block? Visit our anesthesia page to learn more about our affordable, high-definition ultrasound systems that fit in your pocket. Or book a virtual demonstration with a Clarius expert to learn which specialized Clarius scanner is right for your practice.  

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