[VIDEO] Why Handheld Ultrasound is a Safer Option for Infection Control

It’s no secret that cleaning traditional ultrasound scanners is a challenge at the best of times. Fortunately, clinicians now have access to a variety of handheld ultrasound systems that are easy to cover and disinfect.

For example, Clarius scanners can be fully encased in a sterile cover or even a Ziploc bag.

Option 1: Cover in a sterile bag and disinfect with a range of approved medical cleaners.

Dr. Dan Kim shows us how Clarius can be quickly encased with a sterile bag to safely scan a patient.

Option 2: If supplies are scarce, cover with a Ziploc bag and disinfect with a range of approved medical cleaners.

Lung Ultrasound for COVID-19 Patients

We asked Vancouver emergency medicine physician, Dr. Dan Kim how lung ultrasound could be used for COVID-19 patients. Here is what he had to say:

I think that lung ultrasound specifically in a setting of patients with COVID-19 is probably going to be most helpful for patients that are critically ill and that need ongoing day-to-day monitoring of their condition…. Ultrasound is useful from the perspective that it’s repeatable. So, you can repeat your ultrasound scan dynamically over time, say over the course of hours or days.”

For more information, watch our How to Scan the Lungs with Ultrasound presented by Dr. Dan Kim.

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