Wishing for Continuous Battery Power for your Handheld Ultrasound Scanner? Get it Here!

We’re excited to announce the new Clarius 2-in-1 Charging Station! It delivers a continuous supply of battery power by combining a charging dock for the Clarius HD handheld scanners and a spare battery. LED indicators display color-coded charge levels at all times.

Clarius CEO Laurent Pelissier said the Clarius Charging Station was developed in response to customer requests: “Many of our users who are scanning patients continuously or travelling to areas where electricity isn’t always available, appreciate the flexibility of having a swappable battery. Others who only use the scanner for 15 minutes at a time were looking for a way to charge the scanner without removing the battery. We’re happy to provide a flexible and compact solution.”

An optional accessory, the Clarius 2-in-1 Charging Station is available now in the United States for US $179, Canada for CA $235, the EU for €165 and the UK for £149.

Feedback from early users has been positive. “The 2-in-1 Charging Station is perfect as you don’t have to remove the battery to charge it and it also functions as a stand for the unit. Having the ability to have an extra battery ready to go is also a huge perk for this unit. This 2-in-1 Changing Station completes the kit nicely,” says Dr. Alan M. Hirahara, MD, FRCSC, an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in arthroscopic shoulder surgery and sports medicine in Sacramento, California. »

If you are a Clarius HD user in the United States, Canada, the EU or the UK you can order the 2-in-1 charger now on our online stores. The Clarius HD product line up includes ten handheld ultrasound scanners dedicated to a wide range of medical specialities and used in hospitals, private practice and veterinary clinics around the world. To add a Clarius handheld scanner to your practice, we invite you to contact us today to schedule a demo.

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