[VIDEO] Health Canada Approves Clarius Dual-Array Wireless Scanner and Clarius Bladder AI for Automatic Bladder Measurements

We were excited to receive notice from Health Canada that they have approved our new Clarius PAL HD3 wireless handheld whole-body ultrasound scanner for sale in Canada. It is the only ultrasound scanner offering high-definition imaging of superficial and deep anatomy in a single dual-array scanner that operates with an iPhone and Android smart device app.

Health Canada also approved the new Clarius Bladder AI, available with the Clarius PAL HD3, Clarius PA HD3, and the Clarius C3 HD3 wireless handheld ultrasound scanners to automatically measure bladder volume in seconds. The new Clarius PAL HD3 ultrasound scanner paired with Bladder AI gives hospital physicians and nurses the ultimate multi-function tool to quickly diagnose and guide treatment at the bedside

It really is my go-to friend for every patient,” says Dr. Oron Frenkel, an emergency physician who practices in a Vancouver hospital and rural clinics. “There is really no situation that I can imagine where the scanner wouldn’t be able to deliver what I need, either on the same patient, if I need to scan different parts of them during a single presentation, or going from bed to bed during a shift, I don’t ever have to switch out, and it really makes my workflow seamless.”

Watch this 5-minute video to learn why Dr. Frenkel believes point-of-care ultrasound “transforms clinical outcomes”.

The Clarius PAL HD3 dual-array wireless scanner is designed for emergency medicine and critical care. When every minute counts, it offers clinicians high-definition imaging for a variety of applications including rapid cardiac evaluations, shallow and deep lung imaging, vascular access, DVT exams, and urinary tract assessments without the need to swap devices. By activating Auto Preset™ AI during an exam, clinicians can rely on the Clarius app to automatically adjust settings to optimize imaging as they scan the abdomen, heart, lungs, and bladder.

Clarius Bladder AI accurately measures bladder volume and provides real-time feedback to clinicians. The latest addition to the Clarius AI portfolio, it is particularly useful for monitoring urinary retention and assessing bladder emptying in patients with neurogenic bladder or urinary tract obstruction. Clarius Bladder AI is included among other advanced software features that are available with the Advanced Primary / Critical Care Package included with Clarius Membership. Current Clarius members with eligible scanners will be able to use the new application on their Clarius scanners today. See how Bladder AI operates in this 2-minute video.

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