Drs. Soren Boysen and Serge Chalhoub
University of Calgary
MJ Rowland-Warmann
BSc, BDS, MSc, Aes.Med., PGDip, Endod., PGCert, MJDF, RCS (Eng)
SmileWorks Hub

I think Clarius sits in a league of its own and that’s a good thing. We have this accessible device that can be used in aesthetic medicine to improve safety for patients. This tiny machine has phenomenal processing power and image quality and when you combine it with external displays, like an iPad or an iPad Pro, Clarius is so close to the conventional cart-based systems. Yet it’s in a lower price league so aesthetic practitioners can easily incorporate it in their practices.

Paula Reed
Patient of Dr. Rowland-Warmann

It’s nice to know that I’m in the best hands and she can see exactly where she is when she’s injecting things. Many doctors are often working quite blind, but now she can see where she is and everything. And it’s reassuring because you get talked through everything. There’s just no risk to the procedures.

Jeni Anderson
Patient of Dr. Rowland-Warmann

I trust her because I’ve seen a lot of her work. I’ve seen a lot of things that can go wrong as well, with other people. So, if you’re going to be putting something in your face, you want it to be in the right place.

Pat Pazmiño
Miami Aesthetic

Ultrasound allows the surgeon to be able to fine tune the procedure. For the first time, we can now see where every single drop of fat graft is going to go. And this gives us unparalleled control in the way that we shape and the way that we sculpt our patients. I think it’s an exciting time for surgeons to give them a tool that will help prove that they performed the procedure safely and the same tool can make them an efficient and better sculptor.

Amanda Leyva
Patient of Dr. Pazmiño

Miami is the center for plastic surgery and the BBL or plastic surgery in general is just a dime a dozen down here. So, there were lots of choices and a lot of doctors who had produced beautiful results; I found Dr. Pazmiño, and he was definitely different. I was really excited to meet with him in person for a consult as most plastic surgeons in the area just want you to send in photos and then you go in for surgery before you’ve met them. We talked about the procedure and about how he does it a little bit differently with the ultrasound technology that it makes it so much safer. I told my husband that this is the only doctor I would consider. Knowing that Dr. Pazmiño uses ultrasound gave me the confidence that I would be ok.

Steven F. Weiner
The Aesthetic Clinique

Not everyone wants to enter the market at a $30,000 price range before they even use ultrasound. So, I suggest that they enter the market using a Clarius. I get great resolution. I can see all the fillers I need to see, as well as the vascular structures.

Sandra Woods
Patient of Dr. Weiner

I had extreme swelling underneath my eyes as a result of filler that I received approximately 10 years ago and my eyes were very, very swollen. I’m very cheeky and for a long time I attributed the swelling to weight gain. Dr. Weiner was able to perform an ultrasound exam and he could see the filler. It was just amazing to actually see it. He could show me where the filler was and it was amazing to see that it had been there that long. He knew exactly where to place the injections as a result of the ultrasound to help dissolve them. So, that gave me a lot of confidence. I would highly recommend Dr. Weiner. He is very, very talented and a credit to his profession.

Marc Salzman
Salzman Cosmetics Surgery and Spa

I don’t know how you do a practice like mine without it. I just did two tummy tucks today and a breast case. The two tummy tucks had TAP blocks; the breast case had, what I call, a lap block or a lateral approach pectoralis block. And the patients are so appreciative, because they’re out of here now in an hour and a half for a tummy tuck. They used to stay for four hours in our recovery room, because they were in pain. For a breast case, they’re out in 15 minutes. It has revolutionized pain control!”

Dr. Ines Verner Interview on Clarius Ultrasound for Facial Aesthetic Safety
Dr. Ines Verner

It’s a breakthrough in the field. We’ve learned quite a lot in recent years about the anatomy of the face, of the neck, also of the body and we’re doing more and more aesthetic treatments. And we’ve been doing them blindly. So, we inject blindly nearly all the time. And I think that once we have the ultrasound, we can inject knowing where we’re going and also not to inject where we don’t want to inject. It’s a game-changer for the industry.

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