Clarius PA HD 4 Chamber Cardiac Ultrasound
Zachary Laksman
, MD, MSc
Cardiologist and Heart Rhythm Specialist

Dr. Zachary Laksman, MD, MSc, Cardiologist and Heart Rhythm Specialist working in a busy academic centre says that the demand for handheld ultrasound scanners has been highlighted during the global pandemic: “Portable bedside imaging has become an incredibly important part of my Cardiology and Cardiac Electrophysiology practice. I have increasingly relied on my wireless Clarius scanner both in my office practice, on the hospital wards and in the peri-operative unit.”

Clarius PA HD is the only wireless handheld scanner that offers clear cardiac ultrasound imaging and fast frame rates comparable to traditional hospital ultrasound systems, made possible by advanced 8 beamformer processing. Designed for cardiac and lung imaging, it enables physicians to access the power of high-definition imaging using most iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.

“I have been exceedingly impressed with the Clarius Phased Array Scanner and had the opportunity to trial the most recent software update (7.3). The image quality has always been truly outstanding, and now the platform is more intuitive and responsive,” reports Dr. Laksman. “From trainee and patient education, to acute and chronic care settings, including peri-operative patient management, the Clarius scanner has exceeded expectations and provided new opportunities to improve care under the most difficult circumstances.”

Dr. Ushakov Interview "Why Clarius is the Right Choice for Obstetric Ultrasound Exams"
Dr. Fred Ushakov
, MD
Fetal Medicine & Echocardiography, London School of Ultrasound

Dr. Fred Ushakov, an expert in Fetal Medicine and Echocardiography, has used dozens of ultrasound systems since he graduated from medical school in the 1980s. He credits the evolution of ultrasound technology with the development of fetal medicine and the early detection of fetal anomalies.

“When I started working on ultrasound machines, they were huge and they didn’t have a lot of capabilities,” he recalls. “Now I can fit a whole ultrasound machine in my pocket and I have small pockets. I can walk to a patient and start scanning with Clarius and my phone in a minute. I think it’s great!”

He recently shared why he believes Clarius ultrasound is the right choice for obstetric exams.

  1. Image quality is very good, especially for a pocket ultrasound – “You can clearly see the presentation of the baby, the placenta and amniotic fluid. You can easily do measurements when you need to.”
  2. Intuitive, user-friendly software – “Clarius does a lot of things automatically and even beginners will find it easy to learn. If you understand how a mobile phone works, you’ll learn to use Clarius fast.”
  3. Clarius answers specific questions quickly – “The power of this machine is that you can take it out of your pocket, connect to your iPhone or Android and start scanning. Sometimes you don’t have time to bring in a machine. For instance, in a delivery room, you can start scanning in a minute.”
  4. Wireless technology is trouble free – “With other handheld systems, you have to deal with cables that have different connections. Clarius automatically connects to your iPad, iPhone or Android device.”
  5. Sharing images with colleagues is easy with Clarius Cloud – “With DICOM, it’s sometimes difficult to transfer images from one system to another. You can share images safely with a colleague using the free Clarius Cloud.”

Dr. Ushakov foresees a future where handheld ultrasound systems like Clarius will be the standard of care for all OB/GYN clinicians once the right training is in place for physicians and midwives. A strong advocate for ultrasound training, he founded the London School of Ultrasound to teach obstetric professionals to become proficient at fetal echocardiography, fetal neurosonography and early fetal scans.

Luke Ross

Clarius ultrasound has changed the way we look at animals and enabled us to provide better care. Animals don’t like being handled and having a lot of equipment around. So, having a small system with an iPad that they’re already familiar with helps us to get an exam done quickly. Since it’s so compact, we can carry it with us anywhere. It used to be difficult to carry our trolley system up and down the stairs.

Dr. Oron Frenkel
, MD, MS
Dr. Oron Frenkel
, MD, MS
Dr. Oron Frenkel
, MD, MS
Dr. David Rosenblum
, MD
Maimonides Medical Center
Marc Salzman
Salzman Cosmetics Surgery and Spa
Dr. Ines Verner Interview on Clarius Ultrasound for Facial Aesthetic Safety
Dr. Ines Verner
, MD
Steven F. Weiner
, MD
The Aesthetic Clinique
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