[VIDEO] Emergency Physician Gets a „nice snapshot of a critically ill patient right away” with Clarius PAL

Having completed an ultrasound fellowship after his residency training, Dr. Brian Johnson, an attending emergency physician at Valley Medical Center in Renton, Washington is accustomed to using ultrasound in his practice. But before using the new Clarius PAL HD3, he primarily relied on the excellent ultrasound and CT imaging resources at his hospital. After carrying Clarius in his pocket during a few shifts, he realized the benefits of carrying an ultrasound scanner in his pocket. 

It’s nice to get a nice snapshot of a critically ill patient right away so that helps me with the workflow,” he explains. “I can walk out of the room and say this guy is in pulmonary edema or this guy looks like he has a ruptured AAA. That can help guide my next steps of management for the patient. So, it’s hitting a lot of good spots for me.” 

The new Clarius PAL whole-body wireless handheld ultrasound scanner enables real-time, clear views of superficial and deep anatomy at the patient’s bedside. Clarius PAL is the only handheld scanner to deliver high-resolution images from the skin down to 40 cm. Wireless and about the size of an iPhone, Clarius PAL is easy to carry in a pocket and operates with most current iOS or Android smart devices.  

Watch this video to learn why Dr. Johnson finds having access to phased array and linear transducers on one scanner “super useful” for bedside use. 

Clarius PAL HD3 Whole-Body Ultrasound for Emergency Medicine 

Clarius PAL HD3 enables the highest-quality imaging of the whole body with one ultrasound scanner. It combines the Clarius PA HD3 scanner for deep imaging with the Clarius L15 HD3, its most popular high-frequency linear scanner for clear superficial imaging. You can toggle without interruption between shallow and superficial imaging with the press of a button.

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