Urgent & Emergent Bedside Ultrasound in Diagnosis and Procedure Management

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Dr. Saraya talks about how bedside ultrasound has become an essential tool in diagnosing cases and in un-blinding some of the bedside procedures.

Get insight into the use of ultrasound in the conventional and extended use of ultrasound in the diagnosis and procedural management of the more complex and simple cases.

  • The use of ultrasound in the diagnosis of some of the chest and abdominal pathologies, DVT, abscesses, haematomas foreign bodies, fractures.
  • The use of ultrasound in bedside procedures: facilitating intravenous access, drainage of fluid (pleural effusion, abscess/haematoma, knee effusion..), reduction of fractures/dislocations.
Dr. Khaled Saraya Emergency Physician

Emergency Physician

Dr. Khaled Saraya

Consultant Emergency Physician, The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS FT & Senior Lecturer, Brunel University