Clarius AI Assistance Powers Automated Adjustments

The only adjustment you need to make is to set depth by sliding your finger up and down.

Auto Preset

The Automated Preset Selection AI runs on the C3 (curved array) and PA (phased array) ultrasound scanners. It is meant to enhance workflow in FAST exam scenarios where multiple areas of the body are scanned in a focused assessment. The AI looks at ultrasound images in real-time, and runs a classification that will output probabilities from 6 separate classifiers, including: Abdomen, Cardiac, Lung, Bladder, Superficial, and Other. Once a classifier probability has maintained a programmed threshold for a programmed duration, it will signal to the controlling software to switch to one of the five corresponding imaging presets. The AI is meant to ensure imaging is continually optimized for best performance without the user having to manually select presets.

Automated Imaging Gain.

While imaging, every ultrasound frame is analyzed to determine if the image brightness requires an increase or decrease depending on the workflow and depth selected. An override method is provided for users who want to provide an additional adjustment to fine-tune the image so that it falls in line with their most optimal clinical interpretation.

Auto Frequency.

Clarius uses technology that allow us to adapt the actual frequency range to different applications. Depending on the application, need for penetration, and resolution, Clarius scanners have sliding filters dependent on presets. The receive filters’ sliding frequency changes dynamically as a function of depth, to emphasize the desired frequency.

Auto Depth.

Other than gain, two of the most important controls on any ultrasound system are frequency and focal zones. These parameters help determine the resolution and depth of penetration, as well as place anatomy in a specified focal field for optimal viewing. The Clarius Scanner eliminates the need for users to adjust frequency and focal zones by making internal adjustments based on the depth selected by the user. By simply sliding up or down on the image, the imaging depth will change and automatically optimize the image for the selected view.

Auto Focusing.

The combination of multi-line beamforming and synthetic-focus beamforming allows Clarius scanners to generate premium image quality at a high frame rate. The resulting image is uniformly focused from top to bottom and does not require the user to adjust any focusing parameters. As a result, the scanners provide high-quality image as well as a simplified workflow.