Contrast Shortage? 4 Reasons Why Ultrasound Is a Worthy Alternative to Traditional Imaging Dependent on Contrast Agents

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It’s more than two years since COVID-19 upset many facets of our lives. While many things are back to something resembling a pre-pandemic normal, healthcare is still feeling the effects of supply chain disruptions. For example, when lockdowns happened in China earlier in 2022, many plants were shut down, including…
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[PODCAST] EP 4: Bringing Handheld Ultrasound to Cardiac Care

On today’s episode of the Ultrasound Powered Clinician, Ohad speaks with Dr. Zachary Laksman, a Cardiologist and Heart Rhythm Specialist at The University of British Columbia, with a background in cardiogenetics. He is also the director of St. Paul’s Hospital’s Atrial Fibrillation Clinic and the British Columbia Inherited Arrhythmia Clinic.…
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[VIDEO] Clarius Marketplace Spotlight: How DESKi’s HeartFocus Enables Every Healthcare Professional to Perform a Cardiac Ultrasound Exam

By all accounts, acquiring a diagnostic quality ultrasound image of the heart is challenging, even for an experienced ultrasound user. That’s why Dr. Bertrand Moal and his brother Olivier Moal decided to build technologies to support healthcare professionals in performing a cardiac exam. The Moal brothers founded DESKi, a medical…
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[VIDEO] Clarius Marketplace Spotlight: How ThinkSono AI Makes Ultrasound Imaging Quickly Accessible for Novices

ThinkSono is one of the first AI Ultrasound innovators to be featured on Clarius Marketplace, where ultrasound innovators bring advanced AI solutions to market faster by integrating with Clarius ultrasound. When Fouad Al-Noor started ThinkSono with his co-founder Sven Mischkewitz, they began with a plan to use machine learning to…
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Clarius Marketplace Unlocks the Power of AI Innovation for Ultrasound Imaging

Today, we’re excited to announce Clarius Marketplace, a new platform that enables ultrasound innovators to bring their AI-powered software solutions to market faster by integrating with the Clarius ecosystem, which includes 10 wireless ultrasound scanners and advanced Software-as-a-Service. Clarius members will gain access to AI-powered solutions designed to streamline ultrasound…
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