[VIDEO] Clarius Marketplace Spotlight: How ThinkSono AI Makes Ultrasound Imaging Quickly Accessible for Novices

ThinkSono is one of the first AI Ultrasound innovators to be featured on Clarius Marketplace, where ultrasound innovators bring advanced AI solutions to market faster by integrating with Clarius ultrasound.

When Fouad Al-Noor started ThinkSono with his co-founder Sven Mischkewitz, they began with a plan to use machine learning to develop medical technologies that had a meaningful impact on patient care.

We initially started to solve the problem of detecting blood clots of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) because it’s the number one cause of preventable hospital deaths in the world,” Fouad explains. “We discovered that ultrasound is the gold standard for diagnosing DVTs and other medical conditions, but it’s not easy to use for non experts. So, we developed our machine learning software for making ultrasound much more accessible for all clinicians to use.”

Now, the company offers its ThinkSono AI ultrasound training software to help reduce the skills gap for healthcare professionals who want to use point-of-care ultrasound. Its second product, AutoDVT, is currently in clinical trials to improve the pathway to early diagnosis of DVTs.

ThinkSono is a fascinating technology that allows any non-expert health professional to perform a DVT ultrasound. With minimal training, through some questions and demos, I was able to produce clear ultrasound images of the femoral and popliteal veins and allow a safe remote diagnosis,” says Faiy Psachoulia, a nurse participating in ThinkSono’s clinical trials.  “After my first few training scans, I was able to complete a study within 10 minutes. This is really amazing.“ 

ThinkSono AI is one of the first AI software products to be featured on the Clarius App Marketplace. ThinkSono AI integrates seamlessly with Clarius handheld ultrasound scanners. It’s available to Clarius members for a free 30 day trial. Learn more and request pricing.

When we first started the company in 2016, my partner Sven and I thought we would have to build a handheld ultrasound system to bring our AI-powered training, guidance, and reporting solutions to the 99% of healthcare professionals who have no ultrasound experience. Then we found Clarius,” says ThinkSono CEO Fouad Al-Noor. “Clarius scanners have excellent image quality, are ultra-affordable, and they’re also very easy to work with.”

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Fouad and his clinical team about ThinkSono AI and AutoDVT. Watch the video to learn what they had to say and to see the products in action with the Clarius L15 HD3 handheld ultrasound scanners.

About Clarius Marketplace

Clarius Marketplace is a new platform that enables ultrasound innovators to bring their AI-powered software solutions to market faster by integrating with the Clarius ecosystem, which includes 10 wireless ultrasound scanners and the advanced software infrastructure that is accessible to Clarius members. Through Clarius Marketplace, clinicians who purchased a Clarius device with the Clarius Membership plan will have access to more ultrasound software as a service innovation designed to improve workflows, streamline training, help with faster diagnoses, and automate reporting.

About the Clarius Ultrasound Ecosystem

Clarius handheld wireless ultrasound scanners connect to iOS and Android devices, delivering high-resolution ultrasound images traditionally only available with bulkier, high-end systems at a fraction of the cost.

Clarius recently announced a new version of the software development kit, called the Clarius SDK, which enables third-party developers to seamlessly integrate AI-powered ultrasound software with Clarius handheld ultrasound systems, the Clarius App and Clarius Cloud. The Clarius SDK provides developers with a set of tools to quickly take their solution from code directly to the clinician’s hand without creating custom hardware.

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