Clarius Celebrates One Million High-Definition Ultrasound Exams

When we introduced our first generation wireless ultrasound systems in 2016, using a personal smart phone to operate an ultrasound system was a concept that physicians expected to see in a science fiction movie. In fact, when we started demonstrating our handheld ultrasound scanners at tradeshows, they were often compared to the Star Trek Tricorder!

We’ve come a long way since then and last week we were excited to reach a new milestone. Medical professionals using Clarius recorded more than one million ultrasound exams on the Clarius Cloud exam management system!

When our team saw the real-time counter on the Clarius Cloud tick to over a million ultrasound exams, we felt like we took a big step forward in our mission to enable more clinicians to use ultrasound imaging to improve patient care,” said Clarius CEO Laurent Pelissier. “Last year we introduced our second-generation ultrasound scanners, which we now sell in 95 countries worldwide. We’re proud to see ultrasound adoption is growing across the medical spectrum with users who span across more than 40 specialties.”

Clarius was the first to introduce a wireless pocket ultrasound system with high-definition imaging that rivals high performance laptop systems for a fraction of the cost. There are now so many more choices for clinicians considering app-based ultrasound for their practice. We are laser focused on continuing to lead in delivering clear imaging combined with advanced Artificial Intelligence and Cloud capabilities.

According to Dr. Oron Frenkel, an emergency physician who is dedicated to expanding the use of point-of-care (POCUS) ultrasound, high-definition image quality bolsters confidence in making clinical decisions especially for novice users.

When physicians don’t feel confident about what they’re seeing, they don’t take the proper actions to save a patient time or sometimes even a life,” said Dr. Frenkel, Chairman of the Clarius Medical Advisory Board. “Good image quality lends itself to improved confidence at the point-of-care, which enables the technology to really spread into wider realms and empower novice users to feel more confident in their early skills of diagnostic testing.”

In addition to high-definition imaging, medical specialists appreciate the ability to choose from ten ultrasound scanner options to meet the unique requirements their medical specialty. Clarius handheld scanners are most often used for musculoskeletal exams, urgent care, obstetrics, and veterinary medicine. Growing applications include plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology procedures to improve procedural safety.

Dr. Marc Salzman was on one of the world’s first plastic surgeons to use Clarius handheld ultrasound.

Ultrasound used to be intimidating to learn and expensive to buy,” explains Dr. Salzman. “Users had to learn to adjust complicated knobs and buttons in addition to recognizing anatomy. The Clarius software is intuitive and you just tap, pinch, and swipe the touch screen to run the system. If you have a practice that’s anything like mine, you’ll use ultrasound every day.”

Since we know so many clinicians are looking to hone their ultrasound skills, we are dedicated to providing free ultrasound education. Last week we introduced Clarius Classroom, which features brief video tutorials and pathology interpretation by expert ultrasound users. We also offer live monthly webinars on ultrasound education that are then offered on-demand.

Whether you are using a Clarius scanner or simply engaging with our educational content, THANK YOU for joining us on our mission to improve patient care with quality ultrasound imaging!

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