[VIDEO] Voice Controls Make a “Huge Difference” When Scanning Small Animals with Portable Wireless Ultrasound

When the dynamic duo ultrasound experts Dr. Soren Boysen, DVM, DACVECC, and Dr. Serge Chalhoub, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM) are not collaborating with us on Clarius webinars and classroom videos, they practice small animal veterinary medicine and teach as professors at the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. We recently asked them to test our new Clarius Voice Controls feature while using their Clarius C7 HD3 veterinary scanners.  

Voice controls are a really useful feature,” says Dr. Boysen. “I liked it more than I figured I’d like it. At first, I wondered, how helpful is it actually going to be? Because I can just reach over and change things on the screen. Then I realized that when I use Voice Controls to make adjustments during an exam, I could place my iPad or phone away from the danger zone of a patient who could knock it over.” 

Watch our 4-minute interview with Drs. Boysen and Chalhoub to hear what they have to say about how they use Clarius in their practice.  

With Voice Controls I can do a lot of different things without having to move my hands, potentially also reducing the stress on the cat, which is actually brilliant,” explains Dr. Chalhoub, who finds Voice Controls particularly useful when scanning cats without an assistant. “Instead of traditionally what I’d have to do is try to move one hand, which could be a big problem for the cat because it might want to jump off the table.” 

See Clarius Ultrasound Voice Controls for Veterinary Medicine in Action 

Watch Dr. Chalhoub scan Daisy’s kidney with the Clarius C7 HD3 and use Voice Controls on the Clarius ultrasound app to make hands-free adjustments. 

Tutorial: Feline Pleural Space and Lung Scanning 

In this detailed PLUS tutorial, Drs. Boysen and Chaloub use Clarius Voice Controls to thoroughly interrogate the lungs and accurately identify lung borders.  

Handheld Ultrasound Designed for Veterinarians 

Clarius Vet HD3 wireless scanners bring AI-powered imaging with dedicated animal presets to your iOS or Android device for a confident diagnosis. With high-definition imaging, automated settings, and the new Voice Controls, Clarius Vet HD3 wireless ultrasound is the ultimate rapid imaging tool for animals small, medium, and large. 

Visit our Veterinary Specialty page to learn more about why Clarius ultrasound is a popular choice for veterinarians shopping for an ultrasound system. Book a virtual demonstration to discuss which Clarius scanner is ideal for your veterinary practice. 

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