[VIDEO] Clarius Classroom Now Includes Veterinary Ultrasound Education Videos

We’re very excited to work with Dr. Camilla Edwards, DVIM, of First Opinion Veterinary Ultrasound to deliver new ultrasound education for veterinarians! Dr. Edwards is a peripatetic veterinary ultra sonographer who teaches ultrasound with IMV-imaging, Celtic SMR and also delivers her own courses.

Dr. Edwards recently delivered a webinar where she taught common ultrasound scanning techniques and pathology interpretation: Practical Small Animal Ultrasound: Diagnosing Pathology with Intestinal, Gallbladder & Spleen Exams, which you can now watch on demand.

We also invite you to watch three new videos that Dr. Edwards recorded for our Clarius Classroom using the Clarius C7 HD Vet for small and medium-size animals. Her model for the videos is her very patient dog Pippi, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

How to Scan the Gallbladder on a Dog Using Ultrasound with the Clarius C7 HD Vet 

In this two-minute video, Dr. Edwards takes you through her step-by-step procedure to scan the gall bladder of a dog to check for stones, sediment sludge, and gas.

How to Scan the Spleen of a Dog Using Handheld Ultrasound 

Watch this two-minute demonstration to see Dr. Edwards perform a spleen exam. She first scans the head of the spleen underneath the ribcage, then the body and hilus where the blood enters, and ending at the tip of the spleen tail.

How to Scan the Intestines of a Dog Using Wireless Ultrasound 

In this five-minute video, you’ll see Dr. Edwards demonstrate her step-by-step process for scanning the intestine of a dog using a castle pattern. She examines both sides of the dog looking for unusual loops of intestine, increased thickness, or layering in the wall. You’ll see clear views of a normal duodenum, colon, and ilium during her examination with Pippi.

More about the C7 HD Vet Ultrasound and Clarius Classroom 

With high-quality imaging and an AI-driven app that is almost as easy-to-use as your smart phone, Clarius is the ideal ultrasound system for veterinarians who are new to ultrasound.

To learn about how easy and affordable it is to add Clarius handheld ultrasound to your veterinary practice, visit our Clarius veterinary ultrasound page for a video demonstration and more product details. Or contact us today to discuss which scanner is right for your veterinarian practice.

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You can also watch Dr. Edwards’ review of the Clarius C7 HD Vet on her website.

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