Clarius Arm Accessories

Clarius Arm

The Clarius Arm can hold phones and tablets sized 4"–11" weighing up to 1kg.

Clarius Battery Accessories


Extra battery for uninterrupted scanning. Provides up to 60 min of scanning time.

Charger Clarius Accessories

Battery Charger

Additional charger for charging extra batteries.

Cross body bag Clarius Accessories

Cross-body Bag

The cross-body bag can hold two HD scanners, two HD batteries, an HD charger, a small tablet (iPad mini size) and a bottle of gel.

Clarius Fan Accessories

Clarius Fan

The fan accessory attaches easily to all Clarius scanners for extending scanning time during educational sessions and heavy use scenarios.

Foot Pedal Clarius Accessories

Foot Pedal

Enable hands-free control with 2 programmable foot switches.

3rd Party Accessories

Products compatible with Clarius handheld ultrasound scanners from third party vendor

1st Gen Accessories?

Visit our online store to view accessories for your first generation scanner.