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Clarius Integrates POCUS Pro to Help Ultrasound Users Accelerate Scanning and Diagnostic Proficiency

Clarius users subscribed to POCUS Pro can automatically send images from the Clarius app for quality review and feedback

Vancouver, BC, May 21, 2024Clarius Mobile Health, a leading provider of high-definition handheld ultrasound systems, now integrates with POCUS Pro, a web-based quality assessment and quality improvement tool powered by Aeyr, that allows healthcare practitioners to securely upload diagnostic images directly from their Clarius app to the POCUS Pro app for expert review and feedback. Described as a portable mentor, POCUS Pro supports learners as they hone their ultrasound scanning skills and prepares them to submit point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) cases for accreditation and billing.

“Our partnership with POCUS Pro brings us another step forward in our mission to make ultrasound more accessible by offering an easy process for new ultrasound users to get expert reviews of their images, helping them improve confidence in using ultrasound as a diagnostic tool,” said Clarius President and CEO, Ohad Arazi. “We’re also excited about offering our enterprise customers with a trusted option to outsource POCUS scan reviews, competency assessments, and mentorship with ultrasound experts.”

While AI-powered ultrasound systems like Clarius have become more affordable and easier to use, achieving diagnostic proficiency is still a challenge for healthcare enterprises that aren’t able to provide practitioners new to POCUS with the oversight and ongoing mentorship they need to truly master their skills. POCUS Pro fills this training gap by enabling enterprises to outsource ongoing POCUS scan review, competency assessment, and mentorship to Aeyr experts.

“Think of POCUS Pro as a portable mentor that supports learners as they hone their POCUS skills and prepares them to submit POCUS cases for accreditation and billing,” says Malka Stromer, VP of Market Innovation & Education Lead at Aeyr. “Healthcare providers at the beginning of their POCUS journey are liable to make scanning and diagnostic mistakes that go uncorrected. We provide learners with the structure and oversight they need to practice POCUS safely and to meet the high standards required by healthcare institutions.”

In addition to outsourcing POCUS mentorship, healthcare educators and administrators can leverage POCUS Pro to benchmark users’ competency and monitor improvement over time. By gaining insight into individual and group performance, administrators can assess the overall health of their POCUS education program and identify the specific areas their learners struggle with most.​  Aeyr also supports the point-of-care training journey with online ultrasound courses led by credentialed ultrasound professionals and educators. Students can choose from a broad range of courses, each offering continuing medical education (CME) credits.

Andre Kumar, MD, MAEd, Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Hospital Medicine, Stanford University endorses the service: “The easily accessible guidance from experts provides a truly immersive learning experience that equips learners with the practical knowledge and confidence to excel in ultrasound imaging. Whether you’re a student, a clinician, or a seasoned professional, this platform offers invaluable resources to elevate your ultrasound proficiency.”

The POCUS Pro integration is one of many features Clarius has introduced during the past year to help new users master ultrasound skills faster while using any of the 11 handheld ultrasound scanners available from Clarius. For example, Clarius T-Mode AI is groundbreaking educational technology to help clinicians advance their image interpretation skills using Clarius handheld scanners. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), it enhances a grayscale image using distinctive colours, patterns, and labels to teach healthcare professionals how to instantly identify anatomical tissues and structures during an ultrasound exam. Clarius MSK AI helps clinicians quickly recognize ultrasound anatomy by automatically identifying, highlighting and measuring tendon structures in the foot, ankle, and knee during an ultrasound exam. Information about additional AI automation features is on the Clarius website.  

About Clarius Mobile Health 
Clarius is on a mission to make accurate, easy-to-use, and affordable ultrasound tools available to all medical professionals in every specialty. With decades of experience in medical imaging, the team knows that great ultrasound imaging improves confidence and patient care. Today, AI-powered Clarius handheld wireless ultrasound scanners connect to iOS and Android devices, delivering high-resolution ultrasound images traditionally only available with bulkier, high-end systems at a fraction of the cost. Almost 4 million high-definition scans have been performed using Clarius wireless handheld scanners. Clarius scanners are available in over 90 countries worldwide. Learn more at

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About Aeyr
Aeyr is a tech-forward medical education company creating scalable, digital POCUS training solutions that support the standardized adoption of Point of Care Ultrasound in healthcare enterprises worldwide. Led by experienced sonographers and learning design experts. Our team understands the challenges healthcare providers and educators face when trying to implement and scale new training programs. Leveraging technology and the industry’s most rigorous competency frameworks, Aeyr developed digital, yet comprehensive POCUS training solutions that serve as a cost-effective alternative to in-person training. Offering personalized solutions for all stages of the POCUS adoption cycle, Aeyr can help enterprises build POCUS training programs from the bottom up or simply offload the burden of ongoing scan review and feedback from your staff to our experts. Learn more at


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We’re Here To Help

Whether you’re looking for a specific solution or need help finding the right scanner for your practice, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us and let’s get started!

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