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Clarius L20 HD3 Receives Highest Image Quality Ranking Among Five Point-of-Care Ultrasound Devices

Scientific research conducted at the University of Southern California compared POCUS scanners on image quality for facial aesthetic and ophthalmology applications. The Clarius L20 HD3 received the highest mean rating, followed by the Clarius L15 HD3.

Vancouver, BC, September 26, 2023 – Clarius Mobile Health, a global leader in wireless ultrasound solutions, is pleased to announce that the Clarius L20 HD3 and Clarius L15 HD3 received first and second place rankings in an independent research study conducted at the Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California by Kristen E Park, Preeya Mehta, Charlene Tran, Alomi O Parikh, Qifa Zhou, and Sandy Zhang-Nunes.

“In our quest to find the best technology for us to use for both ophthalmology and aesthetic medicine, we tested many handheld ultrasound devices,” says Dr. Sandy X. Zhang-Nunes, MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine. “We decided to approach it scientifically and do a study in an unbiased manner.”

The study, entitled “A comparison of five point-of-care ultrasound devices for use in ophthalmology and facial aesthetics” and published by Sage Journals, sought to help clinicians choose the best point-of-care ultrasound suited to their needs. Three clinicians scanned volunteer patients to obtain ultrasound images of eight arteries, four ocular and periocular structures, and areas of filler injections. The images were then rated by graders on a four-point scale on quality.

 Filler image quality ranking*Mean scorea (n=7)Artery image quality ranking*Mean scorea (n=8)Orbital image quality ranking*Mean scorea (n=4)Overall image quality ranking*Mean scorea (n=19)
1Clarius L20 HD33.79Clarius L20 HD32.79Clarius L20 HD32.83Clarius L20 HD33.15
2Clarius L15 HD33.32GE Vscan Air1.88GE Vscan Air2.50Clarius L15 HD32.24
3GE Vscan Air2.21Butterfly IQ+1.79Clarius L15 HD32.08GE Vscan Air2.13
4Butterfly IQ+2.05Clarius L15 HD31.46Philips Lumify2.08Butterfly IQ+1.87
5Philips Lumify1.68Philips Lumify1.46Butterfly IQ+1.75Philips Lumify1.67

aScores were ranked from 1 (not visible) to 4 (excellent).
*p,0.05 based on ANOVA test.

“The L20 received the highest image quality rankings,” the study notes, “followed by the L15 … (p < 0.05).” The study also suggested that clinicians consider factors beyond image quality when choosing the best point-of-care ultrasound device, including cost, wireless capabilities, range of presets, and battery life.

With exceptional superficial imaging and advanced aesthetic presets that automatically optimize settings, the Clarius L20 HD3 is the leading choice of portable ultrasound systems for facial aesthetics, which has experienced rapid growth in recent years. It is the only specialty-designed handheld ultrasound with ultra-high frequency to 20 MHz, which shows detailed imaging from the skin to a depth of 4 centimeters. Vessel Depth AI enables clinicians to automatically measure the shallowest flow found in real-time using the power of artificial intelligence to streamline workflows.

“There’s really no competition with the handheld market in terms of an aesthetic device,” says Dani Sher, a Physician Assistant who uses the Clarius L20 at her Sparkle Aesthetics Medical Spa and teaches ultrasound for aesthetics. “It’s got a very small footprint and I think Clarius has done a really great job evolving the product to meet the demands of the injectors. They’ve come up with new presets, which are very elegant for each area of the face. Voice Controls is a whole new groundbreaking achievement and I really love the resolution you can get with Clarius. You can see filler very well and I’ve been able to diagnose some really interesting complications with it.”

Wireless and priced at a small fraction of the cost of traditional ultrasound systems, Clarius scanners operate with an easy-to-use app on iOS and Android devices. The company recently introduced the Clarius Power Fan HD3, an accessory that provides a continuous power supply and cooling to allow clinicians to scan without interruption in their clinic and while teaching. It’s the only handheld ultrasound scanner that enables 24/7 ultrasound scanning.

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We’re Here To Help

Whether you’re looking for a specific solution or need help finding the right scanner for your practice, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us and let’s get started!

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