[VIDEO] Meet Dr. Pat Pazmiño: Plastic Surgeon, Sculptor, and Ultrasound Educator for Safer BBL Procedures

Board-certified plastic surgeon Pat Pazmiño, MD, FACS, didn’t need a state mandate to start using ultrasound guidance for Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL). He has been using ultrasound for nine years.

As plastic surgeons, we focus on the skin and the subcutaneous area, and I thought that by visualizing what these structures are, we could manipulate them and get better results,” he explains.

Dr. Pazmiño is nationally renowned for inventing new procedures that combine the latest techniques in aesthetic surgery with ultrasound, such as the ultraBBL™ that he developed to ensure the safest BBL procedure possible. He has been a vocal advocate for using ultrasound for safer plastic surgery procedures.

He also uses ultrasound before the procedure to understand how much fat graft can be placed in each patient. If the patient has limited space and wants a large result, he often recommends performing the surgery in stages rather than injecting too much fat in one surgery.

Ultrasound allows the surgeon to be able to fine tune the procedure,” he says. “For the first time, we can now see where every single drop of fat graft is going to go. And this gives us unparalleled control in the way that we shape and the way that we sculpt our patients. I think it’s an exciting time for surgeons to give them a tool that will help prove that they performed the procedure safely and the same tool can make them an efficient and better sculptor.”

After BBL surgeries, Dr. Pazmiño uses ultrasound to assess the survival of the fat graft placed and to look for seromas. He also examines breast implant patients with ultrasound to see whether the implants are intact prior to surgery and to plan the best technique for the patient.

Dr. Pazmiño switched from cart-based ultrasound to Clarius about three years ago. He currently uses the Clarius L7 HD3 wireless ultrasound.

The picture is terrific and I really enjoy that it’s a wireless probe that is so small. I can slip this into my pocket and with my iPhone and I have a complete ultrasound system,” he explains. “It’s so easy to use. Whether I’m looking for a seroma, examining a breast patient, or preparing for a BBL, I can select the appropriate mode on the Clarius App and artificial intelligence will instantly adjust the settings for me so I focus on my patient.”

We recently had the good fortune to have an on-camera discussion with Dr. Pazmiño about his practice in Miami, Florida, Clarius ultrasound, and the Florida Board of Medicine’s emergency order mandating ultrasound guidance for safer BBL procedures. Watch his video interview to hear what he has to say.

Learn Plastic Surgery Ultrasound Scanning Best Practices from a Master

We are excited to present a free one-hour webinar with Dr. Pazmiño on July 14, 2022 for plastic surgeons interested in learning how to use ultrasound for safer, more accurate BBL procedures. Register now for the live webinar “Ultrasound Guidance for Safe Brazilian Butt Lifts: Precision BBL Techniques from the Expert.”

During the webinar, Dr. Pazmiño will share his expert ultrasound techniques for imaging your patients, planning your BBL procedures, performing nerve blocks, guiding your cannula within the subcutaneous layer, and visualizing with millimeter accuracy where every drop of fat is being injected.

He will share recent case studies and videos to demonstrate how to use ultrasound for post-op monitoring, to monitor fat deposits, to detect and measure seromas, and to guide accurate aspirations in real-time by using high-definition wireless ultrasound.

Join us to learn how adding high-definition wireless ultrasound to your plastic surgery practice can reduce risk, optimize procedural outcomes, and deliver peace of mind for your patients.

Clarius for Safer Plastic Surgeries

Wireless and pocket-sized, Clarius delivers high-definition imaging devices with an easy-to-use app that’s powered by artificial intelligence. Our Advanced Aesthetics package, included with membership, offers customized workflows for confident plastic surgery examinations and procedural guidance.

Visit our plastic surgery specialty page to learn more or contact us today to schedule a virtual demo to discuss which scanner is right for your practice.

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