[VIDEO SERIES] Learn from the Experts: Veterinary Ultrasound Instructors Share Their Pro Tips 

Many thanks to Drs. Camilla Edwards, Soren Boysen, and Serge Chaloub, veterinary ultrasound experts shared their veterinary ultrasound tips and techniques during numerous webinars and Clarius Classroom videos this year. Scroll down for easy access to the new content we added to the Clarius website for our veterinary audience.  

Free On-Demand Veterinary Ultrasound Webinars 

We offered five new veterinary POCUS webinars in 2023, which are all available to watch at your convenience in case you missed them. Click here to see more from previous years.   

Clarius Classroom Video Tutorials for Veterinary POCUS 

Consider bookmarking the link to Clarius Classroom so you can quickly find dozens of short video tutorials on veterinary POCUS techniques. Here are a two of our most popular videos. 

In this 4-minute video, Dr. Camilla Edwards demonstrates her technique to image the pancreas. In this video, she identifies helpful landmarks for localization, and describes the normal ultrasound appearance of the canine pancreas. 

Watch this short video, Dr. Camilla Edwards demonstrates how to locate and perform a thorough scan on her dog’s bladder, with emphasis on the gravity-dependent side to look for stones or sediment. 

Video Interview with Drs. Chaloub and Boysen 

We introduced Clarius Voice Controls this year, which has been particularly well received by solo practioners. Dr. Boysen and Dr. Chaloub were the first to test them in a veterinary setting. Watch this 4-minute video to learn what they had to say about using Clarius in their small animal practice. 

Register for a New Upcoming Veterinary Webinar  

Drs. Soren and Boysen will be back in 2024 to teach point of care ultrasound protocols and techniques to diagnose and manage septic peritonitis. Learn more and register for this free 1-hour webinar: Veterinary POCUS and Septic Peritonitis: Ultrasound Findings in the Septic Abdomen. 


Veterinary POCUS and Septic Peritonitis: Ultrasound Findings in the Septic Abdomen

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