[VIDEO] Six Reasons Why Dr. John Arlette Uses Clarius Ultrasound for Cosmetic Dermatology

Instead of binging on television during the COVID lockdown four years ago, Dr. John Arlette spent his time learning how to use ultrasound to help manage the complications related to filler therapies.  

It also intrigued me to learn how could I use ultrasound to enhance my results as an injector, to be able to see where I’ve placed filler to ensure that it’s in the location that I expected,” he explains. “I began to look at ultrasound as a way of improving the method by which I treated patients, which in the end is our ultimate goal.” 

He began his search for a suitable ultrasound system by talking to a colleague who practices radiology and then contacted ultrasound manufacturers to organize demonstrations. 

I actually purchased a Clarius after I’d had the opportunity to use it in an experimental circumstance here in the office. So, over a period of a week, I was able to use a variety of instruments and see how I could adapt to using those,” he recounts. 

Watch this 5-minute video to learn why Dr. Arlette uses and recommends the Clarius L20 HD3 ultrasound for cosmetic dermatology. Or read on for a brief outline of his reasons for selecting Clarius for his practice. 

1. I can use Clarius for point-of-care treatments anywhere 

A handheld device is portable, it’s stowable, it’s easily connectable to something that we have like a phone that we can then use anywhere, so it’s point of care treatment. So, if you’re only working in one clinic, you have it with you. If you’re going to different places, you can carry your device with you.” 

2. There are many advantages to working with wireless ultrasound 

I love the fact that the L20 is freehand, that you can move around, you’re not tethered, you’re not tethered to a monitor, you’re not tethered to a cart. It gives you complete freedom, and you’re also not dealing with that ergonomic change of something pulling back if there was a tether. It gives you the freedom to move more easily. It allows you to be further away from your monitor. If you wanted to put in a large wall monitor, that makes it easy, if you want to use a small monitor also or just your phone, and that means you’ve got total portability without being bound by any kinds of cords, electrical connection. So, the wireless component is a real huge advantage to the device.” 

3. Clarius ultrasound is specialized for aesthetics 

The fact that the Clarius L20 HD3 is set up with presets that basically, you turn it on and you can scan immediately without having to adjust the gain, without having to adjust anything else, makes it far more usable. It’s like taking your phone camera and using it. It’s automatic.” 

4. Clarius image quality is impressive 

I can say that, having worked with a wide variety of devices, and that includes other handheld scanners that have a lower frequency range because with the L20 I can see more, I can see greater clarity, greater depth. It allows me to see the structures that are important for me to be able to evaluate in my treatments, both in terms of fibrous bands, in terms of fascia, in terms of bone, in terms of the vasculature. As we start to incorporate these images really as a three-dimensional model of what’s below the skin, it’s that clarity and that resolution that becomes essential.” 

5. Clarius Cine Capture is a great tool! 

My favorite feature on the software of the L20 is the Cine Capture. When I am imaging and I’m looking over a large area and I want to go back to see or be able to demonstrate what I’ve seen, I can, instead of trying to press the button to freeze on something that’s momentary, I can actually slide back to see exactly the image that I want to display, which is the best example of what we’re seeing with the patient, we’re seeing with the vasculature. We’re certainly seeing where the product’s been placed.” 

6. Clarius Voice Controls enables me to work on my own 

Instead of actually having to reach up to the touch screen to make a change with what you’re seeing on the screen, by having a voice control, you can use it to capture an image, capture a video clip. You can automatically have the color display come up so that it’s already covering the image, and it’s already tilted. You don’t have to touch it. The voice-activated mechanism really adds an advantage to the practitioner who’s working on their own. They don’t need to be fumbling, taking their hands off of the patient, and it happens smoothly. ” 

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