[VIDEO] Wearable Ultrasound for Research on Bodies in Motion 

In addition to being an assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology at Michigan State University, Dr. Matt Harkey spends a lot of time in the Sports Injury Research Laboratory to advance his musculoskeletal research on identifying the risk of arthritis following knee injury.  

We recently spoke to Dr. Harkey about why he thinks using the Clarius L15 HD3 wireless scanner with Usono’s ProbeFix Dynamic for hands-free ultrasound imaging of various body parts during exercise is a breakthrough for musculoskeletal research. 

Having this wireless probe and this strap that can affix the probe to the body, really allows for just a whole new realm of research that we can do in musculoskeletal imaging because we’re able to see a real time dynamic assessment of how these structures are responding to load,” he explains. “It is one of the first commercial products that truly does allow for that dynamic assessment.” 

Watch our 5-minute video with Dr. Harkey to learn more about his experience with the new wearable ultrasound imaging solution for MSK research. 

About the Usono ProbeFix Dynamic 

The ProbeFix Dynamic is a device that enables high-quality ultrasound measurements during dynamic exercise by keeping an ultrasound probe in place, allowing for muscle monitoring during intense movement and creating new research possibilities in muscle imaging. Once the Clarius Scanner is secured in its custom holder, the ProbeFix attaches easily using two Velcro straps.

Clarius Wireless Ultrasound for High-Definition MSK ultrasound 

Choose from five specialized Clarius scanners suitable for musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging and procedural guidance. Enabling imaging down to 7cm,  Clarius L15 HD3 is our most popular scanner for high-resolution imaging of muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage both at rest and in motion. 

Visit our MSK page for more information. Or book a virtual demonstration with a Clarius expert to learn more about which Clarius ultrasound is right for your practice.    

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