EP 10: Why Healthcare Needs to Embrace Technology and Preventive Approaches

On today’s episode of the Ultrasound Powered Clinician, Ohad speaks with Dr. Raymond McConville, Medical Director and Preventive Care Physician at TELUS Health Care Centres. They discuss Dr. McConville’s journey to Canada and to preventive medicine, the tools he uses for in-office screening and early diagnosis, and why handheld ultrasound will replace the stethoscope.

Topics discussed:

  • Dr. McConville’s journey from running a family practice in the south of England, to working in rural British Columbia, to eventually moving to Vancouver to focus on preventative care.
  • Why healthcare needs to turn more towards preventative care in order to preempt more serious problems, and why ultrasound imaging is a key tool to help look for early signs of disease.
  • Why handheld ultrasound provides more information and faster diagnosis than a stethoscope, and why it should be introduced and integrated from the first day of medical school.
  • How ultrasound can provide faster and better quality care at the bedside, and give answers immediately that could take weeks with off-site imaging.
  • How those unfamiliar with ultrasound can overcome hurdles to adoption, and why learning ultrasound — like with a stethoscope — requires guidance and practice.
  • Why healthcare needs to evolve its tools to the 21st century, and how ultrasound adoption will increase because of evangelists and physicians who champion the technology.

Resources Mention:

TELUS Health: www.telus.com/health

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