EP 9: How Ultrasound “Takes the Blindfold Off” of Aesthetic Procedures

On today’s episode of the Ultrasound Powered Clinician, Ohad speaks with Dr. Pat Pazmiño, Owner of Miami Aesthetic. They discuss how Dr. Pazmiño has integrated ultrasound into his aesthetic practice to give him full visibility into the procedures he performs, as well as his work to ensure standardized better safety for BBLs and fat grafting in Florida.

Topics discussed:

  • How using ultrasound “takes the blindfold off” and gives full visibility into surgeries and procedures, with no more risky guessing.
  • How Dr. Pazmiño taught himself ultrasound on a Chinese laptop-based system he bought on eBay, and the progression of ultrasound technology he’s used in his practice, from compact systems to handheld.
  • The benefits ultrasound can bring to patients, including giving a surgeon the ability to be a better communicator by showing a patient what will be done during the procedure.
  • How patients are open and receptive to ultrasound, and want a practitioner who prioritizes their safety.
  • Dr. Pazmiño’s involvement in changing regulations around how Brazilian Butt Lifts are performed, influencing the Florida Board of Medicine’s requirement that ultrasound guidance be used in all procedures so as to reduce injury or death.
  • The future of ultrasound technology, including the function of AI and the desire for more preset mode for specific procedures.

Resources Mention: 

  • Miami Aesthetics: MiamiAesthetics.com

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