EP 6: How Handheld Ultrasound Improves Pain Management and Patient Results

In this episode, Ohad speaks to Dr. David Rosenblum, Director of Pain Medicine at Maimonides Medical Center. During the episode, they discuss the use of handheld ultrasound for quicker patient care, why ultrasound offers better benefits to pain management, and why handheld ultrasound is the future of medicine.

Topics discussed:

  • What initially attracted Dr. Rosenblum to handheld ultrasound, and why he said “This is the future” when he encountered it.
  • The benefits of having handheld ultrasound in a practice, including the time saved treating patients by having a wireless device, better image quality, and more portability.
  • The patient experience with ultrasound, and how patients notice the superior care they receive from doctors who use ultrasound for injections over doctors who don’t.
  • Where the industry needs to improve their ultrasound education, and how to address fear and misunderstanding to close the gap between those who know how to use ultrasound and those who don’t.
  • Why it’s time to abandon the old fashioned way of “fishing around” for nerves and use ultrasound to get injections correct each time, without added pain for the patient.
  • What the future of handheld ultrasound might look like, the role AI will play in ultrasound training, and dream features that will help with patient care.
  • How to increase the adoption of handheld ultrasound among physicians, especially as patient demand for it will only rise.

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