EP 7: From the ER to Facial Aesthetics: Increasing Patient Trust and Safety with Ultrasound

On today’s episode of the Ultrasound Powered Clinician, Ohad speaks with Danice Sher, founder of Sparkle Aesthetics. They discuss her career journey from using ultrasound as a PA to incorporating it into her facial aesthetics practice, how ultrasound draws in patients who are looking for a safety-minded practitioner, and the evolution of ultrasound technology then, now, and into the future.

Topics discussed:

  • Danice’s unique career journey, leading from pre-med to stand-up comedy to becoming a physician’s assistant, and how today she runs her own facial aesthetics practice.
  • What attracted Danice to ultrasound while working in emergency medicine, and how she ramped up her expertise by watching procedures on YouTube and practicing in a simulation lab.
  • How Danice transitioned to performing facial aesthetics, and why ultrasound is an essential tool for her procedures.
  • The safety that ultrasound guidance can bring to facial aesthetic procedures, and how being a safety-minded practitioner is a draw for patients and a differentiator for her business.
  • Advice for new practitioners on how to approach and utilize ultrasound in their practice, and why you don’t need to know everything you’re looking at on the screen to get value from the technology.
  • The evolution of ultrasound capabilities for procedures, the benefits and drawbacks of different ultrasound options, and how handheld ultrasound features will evolve in the future.

Resources Mention:

Sparkle Aesthetics: www.sparkleaesthetics.com

Instagram: Dani_Sparkle_PA

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