Bladder AI

Accurate bladder volume calculated automatically in seconds with AI.

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Clarius Bladder AI is a non-invasive solution that automatically and accurately measures bladder volume in seconds, saving time by improving workflow and efficiency. An affordable, all-in-one solution, Clarius HD3 integrates bladder scanning with ultraportable whole-body ultrasound for abdominal, pelvic, and thoracic imaging, and guiding precise IV access.

Use Bladder AI to expedite treatment for patients in urinary retention by minimizing steps and streamlining care, while also reducing the risks, costs, and discomfort of urinary tract infections associated with unnecessary catheterization.1 Bladder AI is available today in select regions with the Advanced Primary / Critical Care Package, included with Membership.

Accurate and Reliable Measurements

Artificial intelligence captures precise and reliable bladder measurements and automatically calculates volume in real-time. 

Save Time and Reduce Healthcare Expenses

Save with an affordable all-in-one solution that integrates bladder scanning with whole-body imaging, unlocking broad clinical applications.

Enhanced Patient Comfort and Satisfaction

Bladder AI offers a non-invasive solution that prioritizes patient comfort and helps to avoid unnecessary catheterization.

Feature Overview

Sagittal and Transverse Views

Bladder AI identifies and labels both sagittal and transverse views of the bladder, allowing clinicians to obtain comprehensive imaging for precise and reproducible measurements.

Adjustable Mask Opacities

Clinicians can easily adjust the mask opacity to their preference to enhance clarity and visibility of the bladder.

Automated Bladder Volume

Bladder AI automatically calculates bladder volume, eliminating the need for manual measurements and streamlining your workflow.


Emergency medicine, critical care scenarios.

Post-Op Care

Monitoring bladder function and detecting complications.

Urologic Uses

Assessing lower urinary tract symptoms, bladder training, etc.

Nursing Homes

Catering to elderly patients at higher risk.

Outpatient Clinics

Quick and non-invasive alternative to traditional measurements.

Empowering Healthcare Providers

Accurate bladder volume measurements are pivotal in the healthcare journey, empowering nurses, physicians, and other healthcare providers across diverse care settings to optimize patient care. According to a 2023 published study, “bladder ultrasound in clinical practice is feasible and reduced the inappropriate use of bladder catheters, reducing patient risks and healthcare costs.” Whether used in hospitals, clinics, or nursing homes, Clarius Bladder AI can deliver precise bladder volume calculations to inform decision-making, support timely interventions, and prevent potential complications.

Safeguarding Patients and Improving Care

Accurate bladder volume measurements act as a vital safeguard against complications related to urinary retention, catheterizations, and urinary tract infections (UTIs). A literature study confirmed that the “systematic use of the ultrasound bladder scanner in the peri-operative period could increase the appropriateness of catheterization and reduce patient discomfort, costs and days of hospitalization associated with urinary tract infection associated with catheterization.” Equipped with Clarius Bladder AI to streamline bladder scanning, clinicians can effectively mitigate risks and enhance patient safety, fostering a healthier and more comfortable care experience.

Supported Scanners


Dual array scanner that combines a phased and linear array in one head.

C3 HD3

Convex scanner with a frequency range of 2-6 MHz, wide field-of-view, and imaging to 40cm.


Phased array scanner with a frequency range of 1-5 MHz and imaging up to 40cm.

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