Clarius Advances Artificial Imaging to Streamline Your Ultrasound Experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) is integral to the Clarius Ultrasound App. Our unique collection of machine learning algorithms works constantly behind the scenes to bring image quality and performance to new heights, delivering an intuitive user experience so you can quickly get the answers you need to deliver the best patient care.

Nishant Uniyal, Development of Artificial Intelligence, shows us how Clarius is pioneering new medical imaging technology.

Instantly Identify and Differentiate Anatomical Structures

T-Mode™ AI* simplifies training and education by overlaying distinctive colors, patterns, and labels to instantly identify and differentiate anatomical structures including cheeks, lips, forehead, and the temple while you’re scanning.

* T-Mode AI is for educational and training purposes only

AI-Powered Voice Controls Boosts Efficiency

With new AI-powered Voice Controls exclusive to Clarius, you’ll never need to put down your scanner mid procedure or ask an assistant to adjust your image. Simply ask your scanner to freeze, adjust gain and depth, capture images and videos, switch imaging modes, and more! Voice Controls help streamline your workflows and ensure patient safety and comfort during procedures.

AI-Powered MSK Imaging Speeds Workflows

Clarius MSK AI is designed to identify, measure, and label tendons in real-time. Whether you’re an experienced or new user of ultrasound, this tool provides accurate results while saving you time.  

Streamlined Bladder Volume for Enhanced Patient Care

Bladder AI improves workflow by automating bladder volume calculations in seconds. Streamline your patient care in hospitals, urology practices, nursing homes, and outpatient clinics. 

Auto Preset AI Accelerates FAST Exams

Clarius is the first commercially-available ultrasound system to recognize anatomy on a macro level. Clarius AI instantly evaluates ultrasound images in real-time to recognize six separate classifiers, including: Abdomen, Cardiac, Lung, Bladder, Superficial, and Other. The Clarius App then automatically selects the appropriate preset and adjusts imaging parameters including gain, depth, and frequency to optimize image quality. For example, Auto Preset AI on the Clarius C3 and PA HD3 scanners enhances workflows during FAST exams, enabling multiple areas of the body to be assessed quickly, without adjusting controls.

Automated Imaging Gain for the Best Image

While scanning with Clarius, every ultrasound frame is automatically analyzed to determine if the image brightness requires an increase or decrease depending on the workflow and depth selected to deliver the best image quality. When needed, you can easily override automation to make additional adjustments for you preferred clinical interpretation.

Optimal Frequency for Every Application

Clarius features AI-Powered Auto Frequency on all scanners to fine tune the optimal frequency range to different applications. Depending on the application, need for penetration, and resolution, Clarius scanners have filters optimized for each preset. The filter changes frequency dynamically depending on scanning depth.

Adjust Depth with a Simple Touch

Clarius AI eliminates the need to adjust frequency and focal zones with complex knobs and buttons. Simply slide your finger up and down on your phone or tablet to set the optimal image depth for the anatomy you’re assessing.

Auto Focus for High-Definition Imaging

Clarius scanners generate premium image quality at a high frame rate using a combination of multi-line beamforming and synthetic-focus beamforming. The ultrasound image is uniformly focused from top to bottom without manual adjustments of any focusing parameters. So, you’ll get a high-quality image and a simplified workflow every time.