T-Mode AI

AI-powered real-time anatomical overlays for aesthetics and plastic surgery.

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New to Ultrasound? Gain Confidence with Clarius T-Mode AI*

T-Mode is an innovative approach to ultrasound education designed to elevate your scanning skills, using the power of AI. This novel technology overlays distinctive colors, patterns, and labels to instantly identify and differentiate anatomical structures and tissue layers in Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery applications.

Use T-Mode to identify anatomical structures and tissue layers with instant real-time feedback, for a textbook-like display on the screen. T-Mode is available today with the Advanced Aesthetics Package, included with Membership.

Made Easy

Shorten the ultrasound learning curve through instant real-time feedback, distinctive graphics, and clear labeling.

Increased Learning Engagement

Enhances learning engagement with captivating ultrasound visuals, improving knowledge retention and effectiveness.

Enhanced Confidence in Ultrasound

User-friendly interface for easy navigation with AI segmentations alongside the grayscale ultrasound image for accurate comparison.

Feature Overview

Intuitive Interface

Select T-Mode AI while scanning to activate real-time segmentation of anatomical layers and tissue alongside your grayscale image. 

Adjustable Mask Opacity 

The grayscale color mask feature aligns with textured layers, enhancing image interpretation and optimizing your overall learning experience. 

Layer Stratification & Labeling 

Enhance your understanding of different anatomical layers with detailed textures and labeling of structures. 

Supported Scanners

L20 HD3

Ultra-High Frequency Linear Scanner
Frequency: 8-20 MHz
Max Depth: 4 cm

L15 HD3

High-Frequency Linear Scanner
Frequency: 5-15 MHz
Max Depth: 7 cm

L7 HD3

Linear Scanner
Frequency: 4-13 MHz
Max Depth: 11 cm

* T-Mode AI is for educational and training purposes only

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