Eileen Calandra

It makes me feel very confident because the ultrasound system is guiding him when he’s administering the pain relieving medication to my foot. I think the ultrasound gives him a perfect guide…

I came here to Dr. Rosenblum, and he used a procedure on me six months ago, where I just skipped out of the office and been on my way ever since. When I was in pain, I was unable to even leave my apartment. My family had to come there and take care of me. And after the procedure that I had with Dr. Rosenblum, I was restored to my normal life. I believe ultrasound improves the care because it gives an extra benefit to the doctor rather than just guessing as to where he should administer the pain medication. I think the ultrasound gives him a perfect guide to where to administer it. It makes me feel very confident.

Eileen Calandra
Patient of Dr. Rosenblum
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