Randy Reinhardt

The more tools that a skilled therapist has in his tool belt, the better it can be. In this case, it’s a very effective tool. I would definitely consider that to be the sign, the mark of somebody that’s interested in providing quality service. 

According to Randy Reinhardt, the Anacortes Physical Therapy Clinic, “is the home of my healthy body.” It’s where he has been seeing Greg Fritz, doctor of physiotherapy and a specialist in musculoskeletal sonography for more than 10 years.

Randy has a long history of physical ailments that have required 10 knee surgeries and back surgery. During a recent visit to the clinic, we had a chance to talk to him about his experience with Greg Fritz, the use of ultrasound for physiotherapy and his chronic wrist pain

“Carrying anything in my hand is very painful and I can’t open jars; it sounds like a joke about old people who can’t open a jar but it’s true for me,” Randy says. “I had become accustomed to it and was living with it but it has been hurting a lot lately so that motivated me to come in to see Greg so he can have a look with his ultrasound tool.”

Watch our one-minute video interview to see why Randy thinks ultrasound was the gamechanger that helped him recover from a back injury.

Randy Reinhardt
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