[VIDEO] Google Uses Clarius Open-source Platform to Research AI for Prenatal Ultrasound Exams 

Handheld, portable ultrasound devices are changing the way ultrasounds are delivered, bringing this technology to more patients and in more care settings.

When Google initiated a global health initiative to develop technology that would enable more caregivers to perform prenatal ultrasound exams, their development team went searching for handheld ultrasound scanners with Android-compatible software they could work with.

According to Kris Dickie, Clarius’ Chief Technology Officer, although the original Clarius research SDK didn’t meet Google’s specifications, they quickly began working on a more flexible platform.

We developed an SDK that ran specifically on Android that would allow them to build software that runs alongside the Clarius App,” he explains.

Once the Android SDK was available, the Google team purchased the Clarius C3 curvilinear scanner with the Clarius Clinical Research package, which provides access to raw data collected internally and custom software for real-time analysis.

Google’s research was recently featured in a BBC report filmed in Kenya, which highlighted how Google’s ultrasound AI can be used to enable more care givers in remote and under-resourced areas to perform critical prenatal ultrasound exams. Only 10% of mothers in rural Kenya currently have access to ultrasound services.

Google’s AI uses the SDK to access ultrasound captured by the Clarius scanner and transferred to a tablet or smartphone.

Watch the 6-minute video to learn more.

Expanding the Clarius SDK Empowers More AI-Powered Ultrasound Innovation

Developing a new and improved SDK spawned additional benefits for Clarius beyond being helpful to Google.

 Our expanded SDK has enabled many other companies to develop AI solutions that are improving access to medical imaging for patients including ThinkSono AI and DESKi’s HeartFocus.” 

In 2022, Clarius announced Clarius Marketplace, which enables ultrasound innovators to bring their AI-powered software solutions to market faster. The Clarius SDK provides developers with a set of tools to quickly take their solution from code directly to the clinician’s hand without creating custom hardware. 

Now, through the Clarius Marketplace, clinicians who purchase a Clarius scanner with the Clarius Membership have access to new third-party ultrasound innovations, designed to improve workflows, streamline training, help with faster diagnoses, and automate reporting. 

Get An Instant Window into the Health of Mothers and Their Fetuses with Clarius Ultrasound 

Point-of-care ultrasound is recommended as a “routine extension of practice for most OB/GYN clinicians.” Ideal for first visits, quick check-ups, and when you need to investigate pelvic pain, pre-term labor symptoms, and fetal viability, the Clarius C3 HD3 convex and EC7 HD3 endocavity scanners help deliver the image quality you need for a confident assessment. 

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