[VIDEO] Why an Experienced Rheumatologist Calls Ultrasound His “Truth Machine” 

Ultrasound has been a passion for Dr. Mohammed Bardi, a rheumatologist practicing in Vancouver for seven years. After completing his rheumatology training at the University of British Columbia, he pursued additional training with the American College of Rheumatology and then trained in Norway and the UK. Now, he considers ultrasound a natural extension of his physical exam. 

Some people have an ultrasound day or a clinic, but the way I’ve set up my practices, my ultrasound is like my stethoscope,” he explains. “It makes practice more rewarding. I sometimes call the ultrasound the truth machine. It’s like the tiebreaker when sometimes if I’m not sure about my diagnosis.” 

Beyond the ability to assess anatomy and confirm diagnosis, Dr. Bardi is excited about using ultrasound to improve success with patient adherence to therapy by clearly showing progress using ultrasound clips captured before and after therapy. 

We say a picture is worth a thousand words. When I can show patients their old images and their new images and they can see the difference, it really helps one with patient adherence.” 

Watch our 4-minute video to learn what he likes about Clarius L15 HD3 wireless ultrasound for rheumatology.  

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