[VIDEO] Clarius Live is Included with Every Scanner


Medical professionals can now broadcast real-time, live ultrasound imaging to any standard web browser on desktop and mobile devices.

The simple-to-use feature allows any Clarius user to easily request real-time assistance while performing an ultrasound exam with their Clarius Ultrasound Scanner. The feature is fully integrated into the current version of the app and is activated with a single tap on the screen, which opens a prompt to enter an email address or phone number to connect with anyone around the world.

Clarius Live – Ultrasound Telemedicine Made Simple

  • A single button activates Clarius Live while performing an ultrasound scan within the Clarius app
  • Clarius Live sends a link that anyone can open in a web browser, on whatever device they’re using
  • Recipients can point to areas of interest by touch or with their cursor, and the pointer will be highlighted on the scanning screen

The receiver is notified with a secure link from Clarius by SMS or email. The call is then accessible from any smart device or desktop computer with an internet connection. There is two-way audio communication, and the user can give visual feedback with their cursor or tap directly on the live ultrasound image. The receiver does not need any additional apps, accounts or hardware, which sets Clarius Live apart from other telemedicine platforms.

Covid-19 Resources

Our team has put together some resources that may be useful for Clarius users who are treating patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.