Gail Nichols on the Clarius C7 Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

Gail Nichols has 30 years of ultrasound experience, and specializes in veterinary ultrasound. Through her company, Sound Interactions, she provides ultrasound consulting and education services. We invited Gail to conduct some live scanning with the Clarius C7 Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner. In this guest post, she shares some of her thoughts on the Clarius C7.

Two weeks ago, I had the chance to use the Clarius C7 Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner on a number of small animals. Walking away from that experience, I firmly believe that the Clarius C7 scanner will be a huge step forward for veterinarians using ultrasound.

Here is why.

Reason 1: Ease of Use

I have worked with some high-end, big name ultrasound systems with some very clever engineers. But after using the Clarius scanner, I have to say that it has been by far the easiest to use. Because of the amazing tools and algorithms that the Clarius engineering team has developed, this scanner requires almost no optimization by the user. In other words, it is truly a “point and shoot” ultrasound scanner that should be easy to learn and use by veterinarians with basic ultrasound scanning skills.

Reason 2: Image Quality

I have never seen such beautiful and accurate image quality from any handheld ultrasound device I have used. They’re not kidding when they say that the image quality rivals the ~$75,000 ultrasound machine it was benchmarked against.

Reason 3: No Messy Cables

The Clarius Handheld Ultrasound Scanner communicates wirelessly with your Android or Apple device. No messy wires for pets to trip over or get tangled in.

Reason 4: Small & Easily Portable to Any Room

The Clarius Scanner is essentially a transducer with the ultrasound “machine” built into it. Clarius can be brought to any room– surgical, radiological, or examination. In many veterinary practices, part of the pet’s anxiety comes from being picked up, placed on a table, restrained, and then let down again, only to have the process repeated in another room. By the time your patient is on a table in the designated ultrasound area, the pet is already in a distressed state. With Clarius, you can walk into any room to image pets.

Reason 5: Enclosed System

The Clarius scanner runs on a rechargeable battery and is totally closed. This is ideal for veterinary ultrasound because it means there are no vents or fans to catch animal hair. It’s easy to keep clean since the entire scanner can be fully immersed in solution or easy to cover in a sterile bag.

Reason 6: Superior Cardiac Imaging

The Clarius C7 Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner is designed to scan most parts of small and medium animals, including the heart. The Scanner has a built-in virtual phased array mode that enables cardiac imaging at high frame rates by selecting the cardiac option.

I believe Clarius can help veterinarians solve a lot of the problems they run into every day. Stay tuned for some tutorial videos I’ve created for the C7 scanner! In the meantime, register on the contact us form if you would like to discuss the Clarius Veterinary Scanner.

To read more about Gail’s experience using the Clarius C7 to scan live animals, see this post.

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