Resort Doctor Benefits from Handheld Ultrasound

A physician in Kelowna, British Columbia is one of a growing number of medical professionals benefitting from the technology of a wireless portable ultrasound scanner.

Geoff Sanz, an emergency physician, works additionally as a patrol hut physician at a mountain resort in Kelowna. He relies on Clarius, a handheld ultrasound device that produces high-resolution images for iOS or Android device, to diagnose skiing and mountain biking injuries on the mountain.

Small enough to fit into a pocket, the portability of Clarius enables Sanz to evaluate injured skiers and snowboarders, and diagnose things like lung collapse, bleeding in the abdomen, and dislocations and fractures of bones.

The single most useful thing has been bringing my ultrasound scanner to an area where I otherwise would not have the availability of point of care ultrasound,” said Sanz.

Because the resort is over an hour from the nearest hospital, diagnosis time of injuries is critical. Clarius helps Sanz identify patients requiring ambulance or air transfer, as well as identifying those low-risk patients who can be transported down to hospital in their own vehicle. A quick diagnosis also helps Sanz communicate with hospital trauma teams ahead of time to ensure the required resources are available.

Clarius has been a complete game changer in terms of my ability to clinically evaluate patients and being able to diagnose things like lung collapse, bleeding inside the abdomen, and fractures and dislocations,” added Sanz.

Clarius Scanners are powered by a rechargeable battery, which is easily exchanged when running low. Built with a magnesium case, Clarius Scanners are designed to withstand challenging environments and are water submersible for easy cleaning and disinfection.

To learn more on how Dr. Geoff Sanz benefits from mobile ultrasound, watch this video:

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