Ultrasound for Sport Medicine: “The Proof is in the Image”

“Movement is life” is at the core of Dr. Kenneth Vincent’s medical practice.

Since he began practicing 22 years ago, he has been dedicated to helping injured athletes and patients across their lifespan suffering from multifactorial movement and functional disorders to achieve goals, regain independence and quality of life. Dr. Vincent is the Medical Director of Kompass Isokinetics & Associates, New Zealand, the Chief Consultant of the European Health Rehabilitation Centre, Sultanate of Oman and Visiting Consultant at the Institute Musculoskeletal Europa (IMSKE), Spain.

Dr. Vincent primarily uses acoustic wave therapy (high amplitude supersonic sound waves) in combination with adjunct modalities to treat his patients. Stimulodynamics of acoustic waves support tissue regeneration, regulation of immune and inflammatory factors, among others. It has been used in orthopedic application since the 1990s for multiple pathologies. He has lectured and conducted training workshops globally and is an author on the subject in numerous publications.

Due to the high cost of the equipment, the treatment can be expensive, but it has proven to be effective with treating numerous mobility issues. Dr. Vincent uses point-of-care ultrasound imaging to show patients what their issues are and also to demonstrate the effectiveness of his acoustic wave treatments over time – because “the proof is in the image.” 

“We treat patients who have sometimes visited numerous different specialists before coming to us. The majority of them have unresponsive conditions for five or six years. Even with these patients our success rate for improving and restoring meaningful function is over 80 percent,” he says.

Dr. Vincent has been known to help professional athletes recover quickly. 

“I have assessed and treated many personalities across multiple sports including: Sharapova, Nadal, Golfer Lydia Ko, San Franciso Giant’s Javier A. Francisco Jr., Australian (Dutch based) Speed Skater Daniel Greig, Premiership Champion Jockey Samantha Collette, members of New Zealand, Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball and Olympics” says Dr. Vincent.

“I’m usually called in when the pathology is indocile to help provide a treatment solution. Ultrasound is important to help me determine each condition. We must make a decision about whether they continue with a tournament or pull out. It’s easy to take a portable system like Clarius with me.”

Dr. Kenneth Vincent with clients Cameron McTaggart, Kevin Trapp & Lydia Ko

Dr. Vincent uses the Clarius L15 HD with needle enhancement software for performing needle-guided injections to bring his patients additional pain relief. Since January, he has been using it in daily clinical practice.

“At this price point, every practitioner can afford one,” says Dr. Vincent. “It’s a great teaching tool for patient education and interaction. I’m really happy with the device and the exceptional image quality.”

Contact us today to explore which Clarius HD scanner would be right for your practice, or book a demo to see the difference high definition ultrasound imaging can make in delivering better patient care.

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