[VIDEO] Meet the World’s First Ultra-High Frequency Handheld Ultrasound Scanner

In keeping with our mission to deliver high definition, easy-to-use and affordable handheld ultrasound scanners that are suitable for every medical practitioner, we’re excited to announce the arrival of the NEW Clarius L20 HD

Designed to provide exceptionally detailed imaging of superficial structures, the Clarius L20 HD is ideal for plastic surgeons, microsurgeons, pediatricians, hematologists, podiatrists, rheumatologists and other specialty physicians who currently rely on costly cart-based systems to visualize shallow anatomy. 

Dr. Kenneth Fan, a microsurgeon at the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery department of MedStar Georgetown University Hospital was one of the first physicians to get early access to the new Clarius, which has been cleared by the FDA and also has CE Mark for the EU.

“The thing that I most appreciate about the Clarius L20 ultrasound is that it is highly portable, which is absolutely important for plastic surgeons. We go from floor to clinic to OR. To be able to have something that you can just throw in your bag, pull up the iPad and just see what you need to see – I mean, it’s an absolute game-changer,” says Dr. Fan. “Even though I’m new to ultrasound, the app and device is phenomenally easy to use.”

“We compared it to another handheld device and the fidelity of the Clarius L20 image was much better.” 

Septocutaneous ALT perforator

Dr. Fan is enthusiastic about how access to pocket ultrasound will help more surgeons tackle complex microsurgical dissections with confidence. 

“This device shines when we’re handling skin flaps on difficult regions of the body that we are unfamiliar with. We recently used the L20 on a patient who we weren’t sure had superior gluteal artery perforators (SGAP), because he had previous surgery in that region. With Clarius, we were able to find and verify the vessels were there. If we hadn’t been able to do that, we would not have been confident to target that region.” 

Superior gluteal artery perforator

Offering a frequency range of 8-20 MHz, the Clarius L20 HD is capable of imaging down to 4 cm. It delivers high quality images that are comparable to pricey premium cart-based systems, without the need to adjust complex knobs and switches. Artificial intelligence adjusts imaging parameters in real-time based on the scanning application. And, the pocket ultrasound system can be fully encased in a sterile bag for use in the operative room.

According to Dr. Fan, ultrasound is increasingly being used by plastic surgeons at the point-of-care. “Ultrasound is the new arena,” he says. “People are starting to say ultrasound is the plastic surgeon’s stethoscope because we work so much with soft tissue and superficial tissue. It’s useful for microvascular imaging, blocks for nerve surgery and draining seromas. Imagine the number of implants we do! Without access to ultrasound, we have to send the patient down to breast imaging and then they would have to come back the next day for the actual procedure. Now we can take care of it in clinic quickly and efficiently.”

The Clarius L20 HD is available now in the United States (USD$6,900) and the EU (€6,250) at a mere fraction of traditional and cart-based systems that start at US$35,000. Finally, an affordable handheld ultrasound scanner specifically designed for super high frequency imaging of superficial structures, all with the Clarius brand you can trust.

[Disclosures: Dr. Fan is not a consultant and did not receive honoraria from Clarius. He has no relevant disclosures to provide.]

You can learn more about options for your plastic surgery practice here. Or, contact us today to book a live demonstration of the new Clarius L20 HD!

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