New Clarius Machines Take Image Quality of Handheld Ultrasound to the Next Level

For Chris Myers, physiotherapist and ultrasound educator, image quality is at the top of his list of factors to consider when choosing an ultrasound system for musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging.

“Image quality in musculoskeletal medicine is the most important element when deciding what machine to buy,  because we are looking at really, really small structures,” he explains. “For anybody who wants to implement diagnostic ultrasound, you want to get the best image you can because it’s a hard-enough skill as it is. If you buy a machine with poor image quality, especially when getting started, then you’re making your job doubly hard.”

Widely known as an expert in MSK imaging and knowledgeable about a range of ultrasound devices, Chris made our very exclusive list of clinicians invited to test the new Clarius L20 HD ultra-high frequency ultrasound scanner.

“It’s an amazing bit of kit,” he said.

Palmar tendon (1.6 cm depth) captured with the Clarius L20 HD scanner

Chris developed a passion for musculoskeletal sonography 12 years ago when he was introduced to it by a colleague who was performing ultrasound guided injections. In his pursuit of post-graduate studies, he found a lack of ultrasound training for clinicians in the UK. So, he set up SMUG, the Sports Medicine Ultrasound Group that has trained hundreds of sports doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and GPS.

According to Chris, interest in ultrasound training has surged during the lockdown due to the pandemic. In addition to running online courses, he has spent his time testing handheld ultrasound machines from various manufacturers and has written popular blog posts with detailed and objective reviews including one on the Clarius HD.  

A finger (1.2 cm depth) captured in color Doppler mode with the Clarius L20 HD scanner

“I’ve tried all the handheld ultrasound systems,” he says. “The coolest thing about Clarius is the cloud system. It’s miles ahead of all other machines. I love the fact that you just go on your computer and your scans are there. You can write reports, label the images and simply email them off to colleagues and referrers. I’ve also used it for teaching online during lockdown.”

Each Clarius HD scanner, including the new L20, includes unlimited storage on the free Clarius Cloud, where you can organize, access, manage, review and share your exams anywhere and at any time.

Now that image quality of handheld scanners, like the Clarius HD, is suitable for MSK imaging, Chris is optimistic about adoption, particularly as a second unit for new users to have good machine access to practice. For general physiotherapy applications, he recommends the Clarius L15 HD, noting that the new Clarius L20 HD is a great addition for those specializing in hands, feet and rheumatology.

Digital artery (1.2 cm depth) captured in color Doppler mode with the Clarius L20 HD scanner

“One of my colleagues has just bought one. I encouraged him to buy it, not to replace any of our portable or cart based machines in the clinic, but he wanted something to take home and practice with. His scanning ability has developed so much quicker because he’s practicing on the weekends. I teach lots of people who might only get access to the ultrasound machine at their clinic for two days a week. For those people I think this is a really great option,” he concludes.

We’d like to thank Chris for taking part in the early access program and for his valuable feedback on the new Clarius L20 HD scanner!

You’re invited to learn more about Clarius Cloud and options for your MSK practice! Or, contact us today to book a live demonstration or to discuss the advantages of high definition portable ultrasound.

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