[VIDEO] When Dr. Rosenblum Chooses to Use Handheld Ultrasound Instead of Cart-Based Ultrasound 

As the Director of Pain Management at AABP Integrative Pain Care, Maimonides Medical Center, Dr. David Rosenblum has options when it comes to choosing an ultrasound system for his pain management procedures. He carries Clarius ultrasound with him when he knows he’ll be moving from patient to patient. 

I will choose the Clarius ultrasound over the cart-based when I’m needing to do a peripheral nerve stimulator in an operating room, when I need to move from one room to another, and I don’t want to have to drag a large machine with me, or if I’m working in a smaller space where that machine may get in the way,” he explains when we visited his practice. 

Watch our 3-minute interview with Dr. Rosenblum to learn more about why Clarius ultrasound is integral to his practice. Or read below for some highlights. 


Wireless ultrasound is the better choice when you need the freedom to move in tight spaces 

If I’m doing multiple injections or bilateral, the fact that there’s no wire enables me to move quickly. I’m ambidextrous when it comes to nerve blocks, so I can easily switch hands, do the shot on the other side. If I’m doing bilateral nerve blocks, that’s six needles, three in each knee. So, what I’m doing is I’m doing one side, I’m switching grips, and the fact that there’s no wire involved makes it much easier.” 

Clarius ultrasound “makes a huge difference” when traveling between multiple offices and the hospital 

Being wireless makes a huge difference in my workflow, having multiple offices and going to the hospital, the Clarius unit will help me travel, be portable, not worry about wires plugging in. I just have to make sure it’s charged, and that I can either I have my iPad or my iPhone with me and I’m ready to go.” 

The touchscreen interface on smart devices makes it easier to enter patient information 

Having a touch interface as opposed to the old-fashioned keyboards and typing in things is much easier. I’m already used to typing on my iPhone and iPad, so just entering in the patient’s information, the Clarius is becoming much easier.” 

It makes a lot of sense to buy Clarius when budgets are tight 

The Clarius units are way cheaper than most of the larger cart-based systems. And I think in this day and age, it makes a lot more sense to get something on the level of a Clarius machine where you have a portable and a lightweight unit that you can do almost the same, probably the same exact stuff that’s a lot cheaper and the picture looks just as good.” 

It’s easier to manage my images to create educational materials 

Having Clarius and having the ability to send my images directly to an iPad, it’s enabling me to create tons of material for education for my residents, at my pain courses and just to demonstrate what I’m doing to other doctors. So, it’s enabled me to convey that knowledge and I would never be able to create the platform I created if it wasn’t for having the Clarius system.” 

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Regenerative Medicine: Building POCUS Skills for Safe and Accurate PRP Injections 

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