Clarius White Paper Series – Automated Parameters

In this next White Paper, Simplifying Ultrasound with Automated Parameters, we focus on how we’ve implemented a complex system of algorithms and software architecture to help make using ultrasound simpler.

The paper covers 3 main topics on how each Clarius scanner:

  • Fine-tunes imaging gain in real-time
  • Reprograms and optimizes dozens of parameters with each adjustment of imaging depth
  • Optimizes resolution and frame rates through automated virtual focusing

“The architecture and algorithms had to be well-thought-out and designed from the early conception of the Clarius scanner,” says Trevor Hansen, Director of Software Development. “Every technical building block plays an essential part in our ability to build a system that not only delivers premium image quality on a handheld ultrasound, but also gives a great user experience with a simple and powerful mobile-based user interface.”

Clarius currently uses these technologies on all of its released scanner models, and the Clarius App can be downloaded on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Read the full paper: Simplifying Ultrasound with Automated Parameters

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