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Medscape: 10 Tech Advances That Can Change Medicine

Medscape: 10 Tech Advances That Can Change Medicine

Clarius has been named in Dr. Eric Topol’s top 10 healthcare tech trends of 2016.

The Medscape Editor-in-Chief featured Clarius Mobile Health in his recent article: 10 Tech Advances That Can Change Medicine. The article describes smartphone echocardiography as a trend with the potential to replace the stethoscope, and highlights Clarius as an innovator in the field of healthcare tech. Following is an excerpt.

Last year, I highlighted the Philips Lumify smartphone ultrasound as a top tech advance… A second entry of smartphone ultrasound—Clarius—is also being introduced, and it has a wireless connection to the smartphone. 2016 was the 200th anniversary of the stethoscope. I think we have far better technology to offer now that supersedes sounds.

Read the full article here.

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