Podiatrist Provides On-the-Spot Diagnosis and Treatment Thanks to Clarius Ultrasound

When Dr. Michael Czurylo opened his new podiatry practice, Northwest Foot and Ankle Institute, in Bellingham, Washington, one of his first purchases was a Clarius L15 HD handheld ultrasound scanner.

“I use ultrasound to clearly see the pathology during the first visit so we can quickly move ahead with treatment,” Dr Czurylo explains. “I like to prevent sending the patient to get another study – an MRI or a formal ultrasound. It saves them time and spares additional expense, especially if I can see how I can help them right away.”

Dr. Czurylo received formal ultrasound training during his schooling and his residency on cart based systems. He had his first experience with Clarius ultrasound while shadowing at podiatry clinics prior to starting his own. It was a smooth transition for him using the Clarius ultrasound.

“I learned to use Clarius quickly and really liked its portability,” he says. “It’s lightweight and easy to hold in your hand and doesn’t take up floor space. Image quality is as good or better than the cart-based systems I’ve used. It’s also much faster to power up and down compared to bigger units.”

As he’s building his practice, since graduating a year ago, cost was a factor in Dr. Czurylo’s decision to purchase Clarius.  “I find the cost affordable, when compared to other imaging modalities. This is especially important when you are starting a business,” he explains.

Dr. Czurylo relies on ultrasound for pathology that isn’t detected on X-Ray. For example, he uses it to see ganglion cysts, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, and ligament sprains.

His patients are happy to follow the exam on the iPad he uses with Clarius. “I can show them in real-time what I’m seeing and I find they’re more confident in my diagnosis.”

Dr. Czurylo uses the Clarius L15HD. Visit our MSK page to learn more about Clarius for musculosketal applications including podiatry. Download our CPT guide for more information about reimbursements for ultrasound guidance. Or contact us today to inquire about getting your very own Clarius HD.

Visit northwestfai.com for more details on Dr. Czurylo’s practice in Bellingham, Washington.

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