[VIDEO] Ultrasound-Guided PRP was “Life Changing” for Patient Suffering from Chronic Knee Pain

An active sports enthusiast, Sharon Numerow first hurt her knee when she was 15 years old. A lifetime of activities finally caught up to her about ten years ago, which is when she sought treatment with Dr. Frank Johnson, a sports medicine physician. 

The first few times I had PRP, because he then uses the ultrasound to also inject it, it was life changing for me,” says Sharon. “My knee basically went from pretty uncomfortable, not able to do a lot, to I could play soccer and I have very little pain and if you’ve seen an x-ray of my knee, you’ll wonder how I do play soccer.” 

Prior to treatment, Sharon was concerned about Dr. Johnson’s ability to draw her blood for the treatment due to her hard-to-find veins. She was delighted when he was able to draw her blood quickly with ultrasound guidance. 

I didn’t want to be poked a million times to get my blood. Thankfully with ultrasound, getting blood for PRP has never been an issue. They’re able to take my blood within seconds.” 

Watch our 2-minute video interview with Sharon to hear about her experience with PRP injections and to see Dr. Johnson in action with his Clarius L15 HD3 during her treatments. 

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Optimized Ultrasound Imaging for MSK 

The Clarius L15 HD3 is the perfect probe for sports medicine,” says Dr. Frank Johnson. “When I compare that with the sort of clamshell machines, or other machines, the Clarius just outperforms them because it’s so much more flexible. With a tablet on a stand that I can move around quite easily, with no cords to trip over, it’s a treat to use.” 

For clinicians scanning deeper anatomy, the Clarius L7 HD3 provides high-definition imaging down to 11cm. And for superficial imaging to a maximum depth of 4 cm, clinicians choose the Clarius L20 HD3. Each linear scanner is available with an Advanced MSK package, which is included with membership and offers dedicated presents for optimal scanning of the shoulder, elbow, hand/wrist, knee, foot/ankle, hip, spine and more.  

To discuss which Clarius scanner is ideal for your MSK practice, book a virtual demo with a Clarius expert. 

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